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On October 27, 2002 American Legion Post #296, Tillman Road, saw 2 of their members take home the 4th District Pool Tournament trophy (1st time since 1993). Post #499, Hilegas Road, was host to the October tournament which saw 22 teams compete. The father-son team of Duane and Devin DuMont were the winners. Duane is a Post #296 Legion member and Devin is a S.A.L. member. The first place trophy is on display at the post until the November tournament at the Monroeville Post #420.FLAG ETIQUETTE


Question: Of what does a Color Guard consist?

Answer: A basic Color Guard is composed of four persons, carrying and guarding one flag of the United States and one organization flag (or Post Color). The two Color bearers and the two guards (armed) are always lined up facing the marching front from left to right as follows: guard, organization flag or banner, the Flag of the United States, guard.

Question: Is it proper to use more than two guards in a Color Guard?

Answer: Yes. Many Color Guards drill in threes. This formation uses two guards to the Flag of the United States and two guards to the organization flag or banner.

Question: How many guards may a Color Guard have?

Answer: For the purposes of competition, the American Legion restricts a Color Guard to a minimum of four and a maximum of seventeen. For most purposes, four or five should be sufficient.

Question: In advancing the colors, how should the Flag of the United States and other flags be crossed at the front of the room?

Answer: At no time should any other flag or banner pass in front of the Flag of the United States. "Front" means nearest or next to the presiding officer. (NEC Resolution No. 451, 1959 National Convention)



A different entrée to be served each week!


Come on down to the Post on Thursday Nights and sing & dance with J&R Karaoke from 7:30pm to 11:30pm - Eat Coney Dogs for 75 cents.


(This could be for all Posts everywhere.)

1-Under no circumstances will threatening, intimidating or aggressive conduct be tolerated inside or outside of the Post – There are no exceptions.

2-Remember our Post is not just a bar; our Post is family oriented and we should all take care to conduct ourselves accordingly.

3-Our Post is not a church, nor should members expect church behavior at the bar, only adults with common courtesy without excessive bad language are welcome - no childish behavior or on stage filthy mouths.

NOTE: There are tough times facing our country and we will soon be at war. Some of our active duty members may be called on to make a very great sacrifice for our nation. So let's clean up our support line first. The little sacrifices we make at the Post to insure a pleasant atmosphere are necessary and will help us to fulfill our primary Goals of Service to the Community, each other, and to our Great Nation. This by the Grace of God. –



P.K. Bevel, President of 'SECOND WIND DREAMS', a national funding organization for those in nursing homes who are forgotten, asked John Street, a Veteran WWII Double Amputee, what he dreamed of having that would give him happiness. His answer? An electric wheelchair to regain his pride and his independence of movement at the home. The electric wheelchair was presented to John at the Grand Wayne Center recently during a Better Health Seminar by SECOND WIND DREAMS and Post #33. Immediately John took the wheelchair for a spin.



"Stop in and have one of Mary's "Home Cooked" and delicious lunches from 11am to 1:30pm daily Monday through Friday." Food every evening: Monday-241 Super Burgers, Tuesday-Sliders, Wednesday-Wings, Thursday-Food Specials to be announced, Friday-Regular Friday Night Dinners.


Our Post Home, with its many improvements is beautiful. Respect it, but most of all, enjoy it and invite your friends in. New Year's Eve Dance is Tuesday, December 31st – featuring THE TYME AFTER TYME BAND – there will be a $20 cash bar which will include food, party favors, and champagne at midnight – see bartender or any officer to purchase tickets.

NOTE: Come on down and see Commander Charlie and Ralph in cooking aprons and watch them cookin' up some great HALF-POUND (Chuckie) burgers with 'shrooms, and rings on Monday nights.


December 7th is Legion Membership Drive. Come on in and pay your dues. We would like to be 100% by December 31st. December 14th is the Children's Christmas Party from 1pm to 3pm. Gift-wrapping will be on Saturday the 7th from 10am till done. All help will be appreciated. Remember: "When there's work to be done, turn up your sleeves, not your nose.

FROM SQUADRON #241 S. A. L. (Sons of the American Legion)

In December there will be a joint Membership Rally on the 7th from 1pm to 4pm. December membership meeting will be on the 17th with possibly a meal being served afterwards. Finally, there will be another Coney Dog Night on Thursday, December 19th presented by your SAL. Thank a veteran every day, not just on November 11th.


Anyone wanting to join American Legion Post 241 or S.A.L. Sons of the American Legion Squadron #241, please see Ray McCune at THE WAYNEDALE NEWS, 2700 Lower Huntington Road for an application.



Melvin A. Springer – Army WWII

Van Buren Perrine – Army WWII

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