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The Healing Garden Quilt—-Made with love and tears in memory of loved ones .The Healing Garden Quilt, made by members and friends of the Waynedale United Methodist Church will be auctioned off by a silent auction during their Fish Fry on Friday, October 18th. If you would like to see the quilt, it is now hanging in the church sanctuary, 2501 Church Street, Waynedale.

The quilt was started in September, 2001 and completed on April 30, 2002. The design in the quilt is from the blossoms and leaves of plants used in chemotherapy drugs. It was made in memory of loved ones who died from cancer or who are survivors of cancer.

The starting bid for the quilt will be $500. The highest price bid will be posted for all to see until 6:30. The person bidding the highest price by 6:30pm on October 18th will receive the quilt. All proceeds received from the sale of the quilt will be given to the American Cancer Society to be used to help find a cure for cancer.

Come and enjoy the dinner, see the quilt and perhaps bid on it. Remember, 100% of what is paid for the quilt, will be used for research.


Blocks made by: In Loving Memory of:

Armatha Green Jack Hook 1932-1999
Pat Noel Jayne Kobiela 1930-1997
Betty Ward Chalmas W. Bellinger 1919 - 1988
Armatha Green Jim Powell 1929 - 1985
Barb Cook Ruth Shaffer 1912-1989
Pauline Obringer Diane Kay Wagar 1946-1989
Armatha Green Phoebe Zoll 1953 - 1998
Martha Hursh Stolte Ward Hursh 1914 - 1984
Becky Conelley Nettie Wentz 1900 - 1968
Armatha Green Carolyn Bollier 1949 - 2001
Susie Ringwalt Paul W. Ringwalt 1920 - 1966
Betty Peters Wilbur (Bill) Peters 1922 - 1986
Barb Cook Bertha Girard 1892 - 1990
Ruth Marquart Warren Marquart 1923 - 1994
Armatha Green Sue Orwig 1934 - 1998
Jo Stinson Ross Creviston 1935 - 1997
Armatha Green Arlene Dick 1932 - 1999
Karen Miller Lee T. Miller 1904 - 1989
Ginny Quance Michael J. Quance 1951 - 1999
Martha Hursh Stolte Randy Hursh 1951 - 1983
Barb Cook Helen Grovemiller 1914 - 1993
Carol Winans Shirley Hanford 1935 - 1996
Ruth Marquart Wendy Marquart Noble 1954 - 1994
Elisabeth Grotrian Sandra Grotrian 1955 - 2000
Harriett J. Visnovsey Anne Johnson Uren 1909 - 1970
Charlene Hall Robert Charles Nugent 1937 - 1987
Ruth Marquart Sara Marquart Walsh 1956 - 1998
Donna Mitchell Robert Tincknell 1916 - 2002
Margaret Schimmel Becky Theye 1948 - 1999
Pauline Obringer Mary Obringer 1926 - 1994
Sally Parkison's friends Arlene Dick 1932 - 1999
Judy Niedzwiecki In Honor of herself & her two sisters:
Sally Rehmann & Sue Tonello


Those who contributed financially toward this project were:
Betty Mc Combs, Bennett & Pat Noel, Glenn & Cathy Crowl, Dick & Marge Norton, Alan & Betty Woodmansee, Martha Stolte, Carl & Armatha Green

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