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BU Graduates Fort Wayne Resident

BU awarded academic degrees to 5,174 students this spring. Among the graduates was Fort Wayne resident Suzette B. Hedley, who received a L.L.M. in Graduate Taxation.




A conservative estimate of college costs for a full-time student runs from $10,000-$30,000; high cost colleges can run from $40,000-$100,000! Most parents and students think that scholarships are only for the students with excellent grades, low-income families, or the athletically inclined. A small example of the numerous scholarship available to students include: Handicapped Student Scholarship, Members of a Church Scholarships, Scholarships for "C" Students, Veteran Children's Scholarship, Scholarships for Minorities and much, much more.

Though the majority of scholarships are from the Federal Government and are merit and/or need-based, billions of dollars are available to students from private sector scholarships. Much or private sector financial aid goes unused because the parents and students do not know how or where to apply.

There are organizations that have spent hundreds of hours in research locating scholarship sources. The U.S. Commission for Scholastic Assistance – College Bound is such an organization and supplies the public with over 900 different private scholarships sources. The scholarship list include the scholarship names, addresses, application deadlines, summaries about the scholarships and the amount the scholarship will pay your child.

Many scholarships pay the entire tuition; others can be applied towards tuition, living expenses, and/or other fees. Most scholarships can be used at junior colleges, career and vocational schools, 4-year colleges, graduate schools, medical and law schools. For information on obtaining these scholarship lists, send a self-addressed, stamped, business size, #10, envelope to: The U.S. Commission for Scholastic Assistance, P.O. Box 668, O'Fallon, IL 62269.

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