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New manager Carri takes a break in their newly remodeled Pizza Hut dining area.Krieg Wolf has moved on to a new location. After 3 successful years managing the Waynedale Pizza Hut, Krieg and his wife Kim have moved to the Decatur Pizza Hut. The Waynedale Pizza Hut patrons will miss Krieg & Kim, but they wish them all the best on their new adventure.

The new manager at the Waynedale location is Carri Bumgarner. Carri comes to us from the Time Corners Pizza Hut. She started with the Pizza Hut Corporation in 1991 at Southgate where she did dishes as a trainee. She moved on to Shift Leader, then Assistant Operation Manager, Operations Manager and now Store Manager at the Waynedale Pizza Hut on Bluffton and Lower Huntington Road.

"It's a bit overwhelming at first," stated Carri as we sat in the air-conditioned dining room. "I am not planning on making any changes right away. I just hope to continue the goodwill and the positive things that Krieg and Kim have created in the past three years. I have some ideas that I hope to try out after getting a handle on the day to day challenges that pop up."

Pizza Hut employs thirty-five to forty people on a continuing basis and Carri hopes to continue the tradition of fine family dining with clean efficient service at a reasonable price.

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