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As families across Indiana take to the roads this summer, Attorney General Steve Carter is cautioning drivers that hot weather magnifies the dangers posed by improper tire inflation, making the height of summer a critical time to check tire pressure. But a new survey by the State Attorney General reveals that a majority of Americans are not following tire pressure recommendations, putting them – and their families – at risk of tire failure and blow-outs.

Alarmingly, almost half of drivers were unable to identify where to find the correct tire pressure for their vehicle. This information is printed on a placard on a vehicle that usually appears on a doorjamb, inside the fuel-filler door, or on the inside of the glove box lid – not on the tire itself, as one quarter of motorists believes, according to survey results.

Warm weather causes the air pressure in tires to go up 1-2 pounds for every 10 degrees of temperature change, so summer's hot weather could cause problems in vehicles with improperly inflated tires. When tires get too hot, the risk of tire failure increases. Excessive speed, under-inflation or excessive loading, either separately or in combination, can cause heat build-up and possible tire failure. When the weather and roads are hot, these problems can be magnified.

"Hot roads, overloaded vehicles and improperly inflated tires can be a recipe for disaster," said Attorney General Carter. "The simple step of maintaining tire pressure at the level recommended by your automaker could make the difference a safe trip and a ruined vacation."

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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