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#5, Zach Ryan of East Chicago Pizza, takes a swing during the Prep game Thursday, April 30th, 2002. Some of you may remember the old Elmhurst Little League diamond that was located on Hayden Road, next to Elmhurst High School. The old little league diamond is now covered with asphalt and the Fort Wayne Community Schools bus fleet sits where the old ball diamond used to be. Of course Hayden Road is now Ardmore Avenue and the "new" Little League diamonds are now at the end of Mason Drive, just off Sandpoint Road. The names and the places have changed over the years, but the game is pretty much the same.

I visited the Elmhurst Little League diamonds on April 30th. The new diamonds are surrounded by chain link fence, and the rattle of young voices fills the air. 'Hey batta batta batta,' is the constant chant. The pitcher throws the ball and it's 'hey batta batta batta, swing batter'.

On the Prep League diamond, it was East of Chicago Pizza versus Tuthill. Tuthill won the slugfest 13 to 6.

In T-ball, instead of having a pitcher, the kids hit the ball off of a stationary "T". In Prep ball, the ball is thrown by a pitching machine, and in Little League they actually let one of the kids pitch the ball.

The Little League diamond featured Ron Dantzer Heating and Air Conditioning against Fort Wayne Tent and Awning. FWTA won the game 14-7.

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