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Goose Gear, fun clothing for the young and the old, is proud to announce that their World Headquarters is located in Unique Designs Shirt Shop at 2608 Lower Huntington Road (across from Bank One).

Goose Gear is a new line of clothing designed by Waynedale resident, Rick Musi and Karen Daniels of Roann, Indiana. "Creating your own "fun-saying" using the verb "goose" is what it is all about," states owner Rick Musi. "Some of our most popular sayings are: "You are the weakest Goose...Goodbye!" and "Life is a Wild Goose Chase." But according to Rick you may create your own. These sayings can be personalized for that hard to buy, crazy, or original person or family. Stop by so you too can have fun coming up with your own "goose" design.

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