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7605 Bluffton Road
Waynedale, IN 46809


Mary Bailer, our new cooks says:
Try one of my specials."
Monday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and veg.
Tuesday: Pork Chop, mashed potatoes, and veg.
Wednesday: Swiss Steak, mashed potatoes and veg.
Thursday: Broasted Chicken, mashed potatoes and veg.
Friday: Fish, French Fries, veg.
We also have home made soup and chili.
Fish Fry every Friday night from 5pm. Public Welcome.



6620 Koester Drive
Waynedale, IN 46819
December 2001
8th Austin City 8-11pm
Sons Steak Fry 5-8pm
(Air Guard Party Hall)
14th Ashcraft Band 7-11pm
Karaoke every Thursday at 7:30pm
Fish Fry every Friday 5-8pm


My thanks to everyone who took part in any of the Veterans Day programs. It seemed to me that no matter where I looked, there was an AMVET. That says a lot for our members. Maintaining the utmost support of not only veterans of the past, but just as importantly those serving in the armed forces today.

Our AMVET family Thanksgiving Dinner was great, breaking bread with one another is just one way we strengthen the bonds between us as members. Our Winter State Conference was for me a proud time. Post #33 members excelled in assisting where ever needed. The Special Olympics, well, those eyes that shine like stars were more than enough to break any heart, even an old grouch like me.

Lots of activities coming up this month, I hope you will join us on Christmas Day for dinner around 1pm, of course the bar will be closed. Christmas Eve, 5-6pm the bar will host a members holiday party, a toast on Post #33.

Hey, on New Years Eve, it's a BLAST FROM THE PAST with Linda and other pluses. Flyers with more info will be up soon and the tickets are going to be reasonable, lets take the trip into 2002 with an attitude!!

Commander, Shorty Geiger



Christmas is here again. This year we have troops at war and scattered around the world, young men and women doing their best to safeguard this wonderful country. Pray for all of them. Helen and I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Remember all Veterans and POW/MIAs every day.

Peace be with you,

Lawrence (Larry) Thiele, Commander


Since our last newsletter, two of our members have gone to their eternal rest:
10/20/01 Arthur B. Cooper (We performed a military service for Arthur)
10/28/01 Orvas Beers



The KWVA, Indiana Chapter One will have the last meeting of the year on December 8th at 9am. Social hour will be at 7:30am. We meet at the American Legion Post 82, Harris Road. All members are urged to attend as well as spouses and friends. Installation of the new officers will be held.




Karaoke 8th & 22nd

From the commander: Greetings to all my Comrades. Great News . . . we have had 23 Life Members transfer to our post and 11 new members sign up in the past 3 months. Come in and meet our new members and our new Bar Manager, Shari Goodpaster. We have also had 3 new Life Members join our Post. We are still needing about 50 of our continuous members to pay their dues. Membership is very important to keep our Post strong. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours in service,
Mike Overby, Commander

"For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."



God Bless America and all her Veterans...
Those who live in freedom will always be grateful
to those who helped preserve it.
Remember Pearl Harbor Day---December 7th
Ceremony - 7pm at the War Memorial Coliseum

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