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Kids Advanced Karate Class (Blue belts and Green belts) Sean Cossairt, Jackie Cossairt, Adrian Stark, Jordan Parisi, Andrew Habegger.  Standing: Dojo instructors, Jay Thompson (right) and Mike Belot (left).Martial arts dates back to the 6th Century. Its ideals are one of self-fulfillment, satisfaction and respect, along with physical development and mental well-being. Age does not matter. Character does. Respect does. This true spirit of karate is found at Mike Belot-Jay Thompson's School of Martial Arts—The Academy of United Karate-Do.

Japanese martial arts are usually taught in a traditional training hall called a "dojo". The 'dojo ' for the Academy of United Karate-Do is located southwest in Time Corners at 5964 West Jefferson Blvd.

The most famous of Japanese martial arts is Karate. Karate relies on high-energy punches, kicks, and strikes. Some major styles of karate, like that which Mr. Thompson and Mr. Belot teach, are Jujitsu, Judo, and Okinawan Karate-do. Karate is stand-up fighting. Jujitsu is grappling (mat work). And Judo is said to be one of the best for developing fitness and stamina.

The Academy of United Karate-Do practices martial arts in a way that keeps your body strong and your mind sharp no matter what age you are. Two important parts of Judo training, the preferred martial art for children, are, character development and morality. "A good age for kids to begin is 5," said Jay. "Good martial arts training can teach children a lot about discipline and desire, commitment and goal-setting. It gives them a safe way to act out their aggressive impulses. And it helps build self-confidence, too."

Martial arts survived because it teaches much more than fighting. "Good martial arts training," said Mr. Thompson, "teaches you that the most powerful warrior is the one who is strong enough to avoid fighting." "If all you want to be is a street fighter, please leave the martial arts alone." Don't study the martial arts because you want to be a killer. Right sport, wrong reasons. Be open to the deeper meaning and philosophy of the martial arts; the emphasis on strengthening mind, body and spirit.

If you're looking for a workout that is an upper cut above the rest, Cardio-Karate is for you. This is a kick-butt, sweat pouring, aggression-releasing workout. Cardio-Karate gives you all of the fun stuff in Karate, without the serious traditional aspects. It is 50 minutes of hard work but it's the most fun way to get in shape. The Cardio-Karate class is offered at 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Your first class is free! The women in this class said it is a great stress reliever.

Over 41 years of combined practice and training are what the instructors, Jay Thompson and Mike Belot bring to you at The Academy of United Karate-Do. Jay is a 5th Degree Black Belt and the 1st in the country to be ranked in Okinawan weaponry. Mike Belot is also a 5th Degree Black Belt and a licensed International Referee. Visit their dojo. There is a style for every age!

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