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In May St. Therese students received plant and vegetable seeds. They were to plant them and care for them over the summer and in the fall bring them back to school.

There were two judges that came in and judged all the plants and vegetables.


The following students were First Place Blue Ribbon Winners:

Jessica Beck-6th grade

Maria Beck-3rd grade

Katie Driscoll-4th grade

Molly Goodwin-2nd grade

Madison Hall-3rd grade

Jaclyn Mullins-2nd grade

Jillian Mullins-3rd grade

Melissa Oberley-4th grade

Alysa Raugh-1st grade

Katie Reed-2nd grade

Corbin Sheets-4th grade

Greg Shields-2nd grade

Channing Williams-1st grade


On September 22nd these students took their plant and vegetables to the Blue Ribbon Recognition Day at Franke Park.

Congratulations to all the students that participated in the Flower Show!

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