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Librarian Pat MacLeod of Mildred M. McComb Library promises consistent additions of the latest publications and the largest library of its kind in our county and surrounding area.With pride and pleasure, D. O. McComb & Sons announces the opening of the Mildred M. McComb Library. Finding a home in the new Arrangement Center at the Lakeside Park Funeral Home, 1140 Lake Avenue, Fort Wayne, this library contains books, tapes, and videos covering all aspects of grief and loss, death and dying.

A very pleasant lady, Pat MacLeod is the librarian. She is a veteran employee of D.O. McComb and has referenced the library. "Families, friends, caregivers, hospice professionals, counselors, clergy, and funeral directors, will find a wealth of resource material regarding all phases of grief," said Pat. "You will find comforting books for grieving adults, siblings, teens, children and friends plus lovely volumes to soothe the terminally ill and dying". The shelves also include books regarding suicide, homicide, aids, and other tragic deaths, along with books planning new and meaningful funeral services and liturgies.

A full complement of Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt's books and videos are available. Dr. Wolfelt has presented grief workshops in Fort Wayne for many years. The library also houses an interesting section of books featuring historical and philosophical observations on death, dying and funerals. Among these are authors such as Billy Graham, Norman Vincent Peale and our own local author, previously reviewed in The Waynedale News—-Mac McCormick.

Books may be borrowed for a two-week period and renewed, if desired. As a courtesy, coffee, tea, and soft drinks are offered, along with a quiet room to sit and read. Library hours are Monday, Friday, and Saturday from 9am-2pm and Wednesday from 2pm-7pm. Please call Pat MacLeod at 426-9494 if you have questions.

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