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Where do your friends and neighbors go to receive their news? More internet users turn to The Waynedale News website for their local news and entertainment than ever before. In 2010 thewaynedalenews.com received over 80,000 visitors, which is projected to double in 2011. As a website designer and an online marketing consultant for a number of years, I can honestly tell you the reason for all the visitor traffic is because the website provides the best user experience possible.  
At The Waynedale News, we often visit other news websites to make sure we are providing original stories to our readers. So we know, most news websites cram all of their feature stories on the front page, they’ve got their advertising all over the page, and you’ve got to take time to scan what feels like over a hundred links to other sections of their website. To me it just feels like you never really get to where you really came for. At The Waynedale News, we’ve made a conscious effort to make thewaynedalenews.com simple, with an easy to navigate webpage that allows you to get where you need to go.
Quite possibly the best feature of thewaynedalenews.com is that it is completely free. Whoever started this paid subscriber trend when it comes to websites obviously wasn’t keeping their readers in mind. Heck, not only is it free to share your comments on articles, subscribe to our e-mailed newsletter, and talk with our authors, but we’re giving away free stuff all the time on our website. In fact, as a special bonus, I’m going to offer a free $5 gift certificate to Waynedale’s own Azar’s Big Boy for a limited time only, all you’ve got to do is sign up for our e-newsletter with a valid e-mail address (see the rewards page on thewaynedalenews.com for details).
If you haven’t visited www.thewaynedalenews.com, you don’t know what you’re missing! Besides our huge archive of articles for you to read through, you can also submit your personal news on our website. Announce to your Waynedale neighbors, family and friends the special things going on in your life. We encourage all submissions, jump online to announce your anniversary, marriage, birth, obituary, local event and more to the Waynedale community.
Just in case you missed it, your generous publisher is offering five bucks, five smackeroos, five big ones… ok, ok, you get the point… to Azar’s Big Boy in Waynedale for visiting www.thewaynedalenews.com and signing up for our e-mail newsletter. Hurry fast, we can only offer this freebie deal until February 21st.
By the way, since this month we’re squawkin’ about that internet thing it seems like everyone is talking about. If you’d like to learn basic information about free and safe websites available to you, The Waynedale News and Kingston Residence are holding a free educational internet seminar on Tuesday, February 22 at 2pm. Come learn how to set up a free e-mail account, create a facebook page, watch family safe videos on youtube and more. This seminar will be instructed by two local computer experts at an easy level and slow pace. RSVP to this educational event by calling (260) 747-1523. Drop by for this free seminar; learn some neat stuff, stay safe online, and we’re even going to supply the drinks!

Alex Cornwell
Author: Alex Cornwell
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The Owner & Publisher of The Waynedale News. Alex is a Waynedale community leader in various clubs & groups in the area. He is 2012's recipient of The University of Saint Francis' Distinguished Young Alumni Award. Alex sees a bright future for Waynedale.Read More...

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