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Our mother Dorothy Levihn poses with daughters Lois, Brenda and Karen at her grandson’s wedding.Happy Mother's Day! Whether by birth, choice or mother-figure this Sunday we honor the mothers in our lives. How can one thank them enough for all they do?

Growing into my role as Robert's mom makes me appreciate my mom all the more. I look back at her raising six children along with my dad and it amazes me how she did it all---meals, sewing clothes, gardening, PTA mom, chaperoning my overnights at Franke Park Day Camp-an endless list. She devoted her time and energy to her family who couldn't possibly truly appreciate her tremendous gift of unselfish giving.

As children we tend to take our mothers for granted because our whole world evolves around us. Our moms feed us, clean us, comfort us, hold our secrets and share our dreams. My mom was the glue keeping our family together. Looking back, I know I didn't thank her enough for all she did.

Children grow into adults and become reflections of their parents. My mother is vividly reflected in her three daughters. My two sisters are both avid cooks. Brenda earned a degree in culinary arts and works in food service for a major Indianapolis hospital. A holiday dinner at my sister Karen and her husband Tom's home is guaranteed to be a tasty and festive event.

My mother was my first needlework teacher. She taught me basic embroidery stitches-running, lazy daisy, cross and stem. It wasn't easy for her to teach her left-handed daughter-especially the French knot-but she persevered and I conquered it too. I put my newly acquired skills to practical use embroidering towels and pillowcases for the family.

My mother instilled in me a love for quilts. She would open her cedar chest and show me the family quilts tucked away for safe keeping. Both of my paternal grandparents died just weeks apart in June 1962. I was only a little girl at the time and only as an adult do I come to know about my Grandma Levihn's quilting prowess. As a pastor's wife, she was involved in Trinity Lutheran's Ladies Aid Society. She always had a quilt in the frame. My aunt recalls how she would move her quilting frame out of the dining room on Saturday night to make room for visiting seminarians from Concordia who would join the family for Sunday dinner.

After my father's death, my mother divided the family quilts amongst her children. I treasure the appliqué pansy quilt my Grandma Levihn made and the cross-stitched rose quilt of my mother's hands. They are links to the grandmother I didn't get to know well and my stalwart mother.

This weekend my brothers and sisters who are able will be in Indianapolis sharing the big day with mom. There will be flowers, cards and gifts but more importantly there will be memories to be shared and big hugs for mom! And yes, a heartfelt thank you from an appreciative daughter!

Lois Levihn
Author: Lois Levihn
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She is the author of the "Around the Frame" quilting column. She is a graduate of Wayne HS. Quilts have always been important to her, she loves the stories surrounding them, the techniques used in making them, & restoring them. Read More...

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