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With our first edition of The Waynedale News of the year, we are excited to announce our growing commitment to provide you with more local news and original entertainment in 2012. This year will be bringing you more new authors, juicer stories and the best deals from local businesses.

In 2011, The Waynedale News readership reached all time highs with 35,000 bi-weekly readers in print and 40,000 monthly visitors to our news website thewaynedalenews.com. Our newspaper delivery still spans from South Wayne Street on the East to West Jefferson Boulevard on the West. We are very proud of 32 members our in-house, writing, and delivery staff, who have worked so hard to keep this 80 year old newspaper continuing to grow.

Last year, in addition to publishing your newspaper, we were extremely involved with the enhancement of the community. The Waynedale News was proud to sponsor 10 community events in the Waynedale area, to help residents and visitors become involved in neighborly activities. We also instructed educational free seminars to teach attendees learn how to safely use computers and the internet. It is our belief, that the community is gracious enough to support our business; we should give back twice as much.

One of our major accomplishments of 2011, was Waynedale.com's non-for-profit projects. Waynedale.com is a website we have created to assist the Waynedale community grow by bringing community members together through events and discussions, positive promotion and branding of the area, as well as a educational tool to find businesses and things to do within the area.

Waynedale.com created the Waynedale apparel; you have seen your friends and neighbors wearing around town. The apparel was an instant hit for everyone who lives or lived in Waynedale; they sold out twice, with over 2,000 pieces sold so far. Another celebrated accomplishment for the Waynedale community in 2011, was the Waynedale.com Visitors Guide. The guide encompasses all that is Waynedale, from history to events to a listing of businesses. It is truly a showpiece of which the people of Waynedale can be proud of.

We look at last year as a success for the newspaper and the Waynedale community. As the community continues to band together in an effort to create positive action and participation, we all will see large improvements and new opportunities within Waynedale. If you would like to become a part of or learn more about our community efforts, please visit www.waynedalerllc.com for more details.

Have a safe and productive New Year, Waynedale!

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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