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FOSTER PARK  TULIPS ON DISPLAYDue to the recent warm weather, flowers are blooming throughout the City, close to a month earlier than usual. For the best view of thousands of tulips, citizens are encouraged to visit Foster Park on the City's south side. The Foster gardens have more than 17,000 tulips budding.

Located at 3900 Old Mill Road, Foster Park is admired by tourists and residents alike. Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation gardeners take pride in their seasonal floral displays, and have a special fondness for the tulips. Parks and Recreation gardeners planted more than 35,000 flower bulbs in City parks.

"This year's display has more than 56 tulip varieties," said Lynda Heavrin, manager of landscape and horticulture. "Catch the beauty while there is still time!"

Bring your family, or just stop by, and enjoy this fabulous sign of spring.

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