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ALWAYS A TROJANTwo hundred seniors would have graduated this year from Elmhurst High School, if it hadn't been closed by the School Board a few years ago. Graduations still occurred but they were just at a different location.

Posing in front of Elmhurst High School this year were sixteen students from area schools and teachers, sporting their "now" colors from Southside, Northside, Wayne and Northrup. Robert Ortise and Tessa Seigel helped organize the graduation photo taken on Sunday, July 15, 2012.

"It was rough. It took a year or so to adjust," said Cortise. "At first I wasn't happy with it, but I like the way things ended up because I think it's made me a better person."

"They didn't want us there," said Seigel about transferring from one school to another. "Now this photo means a lot. We get to reconnect with people we haven't seen in two years."

"We get to see their smiling faces."


They all know where they came from..."Always a Trojan...forever!"

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