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YOU EXPECT MORE FROM YEOMAN – AND YOU GET ITThe year was 1961. It was an era of happy motoring. Gas price was 27.9 cents a gallon and if you ordered a full tank of gas, a group of nattily-uniformed attendants would check your oil level, the charge in your battery, the air pressure in your tires and clean your windows while pumping the gas.

Pumping gas and repairing cars has been a daily routine and a life-long occupation for Don Yeoman, founder of Yeoman Service Center. Beginning in the 1950s he worked for Ed Parrish at the service station on the corner of Hanna and Oxford. In 1961 he ventured out on his own to Waynedale providing service through the Fleet –Wing Station located on Lower Huntington Road next to the railroad tracks across from Hills Meat Market, now COE Heating and Air. In 1963, Yeoman Service Center, now an incorporated full service station, moved to 540 East Pettit Avenue. Around the late 60s and early 70s, the "team" of attendants became one, but they still provided the prompt courteous service of pumping your gas, which would amount to say 6 bucks to fill up a 4-door Chevy, wash the windshield, and most of the time if you wanted them to they were happy to check the oil and tire pressure.

The Phillips 66 shield provided the long past era of pumping gas and providing full-service to customers until 2002.

It was a family business. Alongside his dad, at the age of 11, Dan Yeoman starting pitching in, standing on pop cases he would wash a customer's windows, then clean the restrooms and repair tires. As time went on he learned to repair radiators, rebuild carburetors, perform valve jobs, and more. Today, he owns and has run this business for the past 24 years.

Remember when the price of petroleum in 1973 was $3.01? Not the price of gas but the price of petroleum. According to a book, The Gas Station In America, it was the price of a standard 42 gallon barrel (each barrel produced 19 gallons of gas, plus 9 gallons of diesel, 4 gallons of jet fuel, plus other products) of crude oil! Gas wars and gas rationing began to happen. That was when Yeoman's started focusing on specializing in radiators, brakes, alignments and custom exhaust repair.

In December 2002 the Yeoman family business decided to permanently remove the gas tanks from the ground. Then, they slowly began to renovate and upgrade their business. Currently, five ASE Certified automotive technicians are available to assist you in your vehicle repair specializing in all the technical components of today's cars like computer programming, domestic vehicles drivability problems, electrical faults, hard to find intermittent electric problems, transmission diagnosis, premium brake service, maintenance, alignment, air conditioning and oil changes.

Dan, Carol (Dan's wife) and their son Donny make it their family business. When you call for service, you are talking to one of the owners.
Today, the three generation business, Yeoman Service Center, 540 East Pettit, celebrates 50 years of specializing in automotive service and repairs-friendly, courteous and professional.

From the gas crunch, carburetors to fuel injection, drum brakes to disc brakes, and programming computers Yeoman Service Center delivers the difference. With their experienced staff, dedicated employees and history you expect more from Yeoman Service Center. Important thing is - you get it!

Along with the experienced service a courtesy shuttle is available for taking you to work or back home and to pick you up when your vehicle is ready. A 2-year 24,000 mile warranty and free roadside assistance also accompanies your package of repair services.

As they would say in the 60s - Happy Motoring!

Editor's Note: Yeoman Service Center will be celebrating their 50 year anniversary with a month long of specials and on July 31 from 11a – 2p a day with free lunch, prizes and giveaways. They would like to thank you so much for your loyalty and business over the years.  As a token of their appreciation they would like to invite you for lunch, free giveaways, and special offers to say thank you. Please call (260) 456-2169 for more information or see the ad in this edition of The Waynedale News for more information.

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