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Wayne High School's ROTC was honoring those who give blood. On May 19, Wayne assisted the local American Red Cross in their attempt to acquire 450 units of blood. Wayne students were encouraged to donate blood in order to learn the value of giving and most importantly to save lives. Wayne's goal was to receive 100 units of blood from the students and staff.

Some activities were required to help persuade the students to achieve the 100 unit goal. The most significant was from the faculty. They encouraged the students to participate in the blood drive by setting an example and donating as well. Many students and faculty were reluctant to donate for a variety of reasons including a lack of knowledge about the requirements of giving blood. A special presentation was aired over the classroom televisions on Wednesday, May 14, at 8:15 AM and again at 2:15 PM. The purpose of the presentations were to explain the blood drive process, alleviate fears, and encourage participation.

Junior Matt McCave thinks the blood drive was a good idea.

"I think the blood drive was a good idea because blood is needed everyday to save lives. Everyone should want to save a life, so you should give blood," said McCave.

Students and staff chose their donation time on May 16th during the lunch mods at the concession stand. After the students chose their time, they were given a red card that identified their appointed time to donate, and the card then served as a class absence pass.

All participants who donated, or attempted to donate, received a Red Cross T-shirt. Everyone was encouraged to wear his or her Red Cross T-shirts on May 20, as their badge of courage.

Senior Emil Qorchiyev thinks that giving blood is a positive life saving process.

"I think the blood drive was a good idea because you can help save lives, and because someone may really need your blood. You could save someone's life," said Qorchiyev.

Senior David Lamb agrees with Qorchiyev.

"I think the blood drive was an excellent way to provide the much needed chemicals to the public. People need blood everyday to save numerous people. If my blood can save even one of those lives then I feel I've done my part," said Lamb.

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