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The friendly staff at Curves For Women. Left to right: Judy Elwell, Pam House, Linda J. Sweet-Blanzey, Jamie Beemer, Cindy Borchers, Holly PierattThe secret for getting in shape is quite simple. Burn more calories than you consume and find a fitness program you enjoy.

Women all across America are turning to a Quickfit Circuit method of complete exercise. Beginning May 13, the women of Waynedale can check out this safe, fast, effective way to feel better about themselves. Just make a visit to Curves for Women's newest location at Wayne Plaza on Bluffton Road and check it out for yourself.

The Quickfit System is an exercise circuit that combines strength and cardio training. The circuit alternates hydraulic resistance strength training machines with aerobic recovery stations. You work out on a machine for 35 seconds and then move to the next station. Here you run, walk, jump, or jog in place for another 35 seconds. You check your heart rate every 8 minutes.

Find your age on a wall chart indicating your desired target heart rate.

This whole process takes only 30 minutes. In just half an hour, you will have burned up to 500 calories and safely performed all aspects of a total fitness program. The strength training machines act much like aquatic exercise, only the movement is more controlled. You push, then pull, rather than lift and lower weights. This means that the potential for injury and soreness are greatly reduced. The machines have been especially designed just for women. When you first join, the instructors always make sure that you are operating the machines correctly until you get the hang of it.

Curves for Women also offers a weight loss program designed around exercise. You learn how to go from a food-burning machine to that of a fat burning machine. The specially trained staff members show you how it works.

It was just over a year ago when I saw an ad in the Waynedale News announcing the Curves for Women's Grand Opening on Getz Road. I checked it out and signed up. Linda Sweet -Blanzy, the owner and former Waynedale resident, taught me how to work the machines.

Linda attended Kekionga Junior High and Elmhurst High School. She graduated from Ivy Tech and then spent 5 years managing her own massage therapy business in Auburn, IN. She observed many of her clients, who were also members of Curves, showing noticeable improvement. That was the beginning of Linda's interest in Curves for Women. Ever since she opened her place on Getz Road a little over a year ago, Linda has had a dream to open another Curves for Women in Waynedale. Fortunately for us, her dream has come true. Linda has a special place in her heart for our fine community. She is very excited to be able to share this great fitness program with the women in our area.

When I found out that Curves for Women was opening in Wayne Plaza, I told Linda I wanted to write a story and tell others about what a fun place it was to work out. I thought about the Waynedale News and hoped they would agree to run such a story.

I asked some of my friends at Curves to tell me some of the reasons why they liked this place. Here are some of the most frequent responses I heard. The social part keeps many of them coming back week after week. It's comfortable to work out with just other women. You can visit with each other and before you know it your workout is finished. It makes you feel good, both inside and out. For others, it gives them more flexibility and is a great stress reliever. You don't have to worry how you look or wait around for machines to open up for use.

As for myself, I love the energy it gives me after completing the workout. The staff is a group of very caring and sincere women. It has become a very healthy habit, which I actually enjoy. Check out Curves for Women yourself. I think you will see an opportunity to acquire a habit of exercise that is not only fun but makes a real difference in your life.

Welcome to Waynedale, Curves for Women and welcome home Linda Sweet- Blanzy!

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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