Waynedale History

Looking Back at Waynedale History written by Ed Noble

The way of life in the 1910s and 1920s found people who were very energetic, busy, and happy, with a very simple lifestyle. The hardships of doing with less of most everything, taught us an appreciation of things, which are now taken for granted i.e., our country and its people, and the opportunity for new challenges.

In 1918 when a heart patient had a flutter there were but two choices, either move to California (often to die there) or if you had no money you could move to the country for...


Looking Back at Waynedale History written by Ed Noble

In the early 1870's the railroad spur at the Lower Huntington Road intersection ignited the adventuresome spirit of our early settlers who wanted to be country dwellers. Pioneer landowners such as the Masons, Bradburys, and Weavers were most willing to sell acreage lots. Lewis and Catherine Mason saw an opportunity and placed a north south road west of the railroad from the Lower Huntington Road south to the Indianapolis Road (McArthur Drive), it was called Lewisburg Road (now Ideal...


Waynedale’s First Businesses written by Ed Noble

The first trading in this area was the French hunter befriending the Indians for the fur business. The region was abounding with deer, wild turkey, bobcat, wolf, rattlesnake, beaver, otter, pheasant, squirrel, and raccoon. Skins by the hundreds were shipped down the Maumee River to Detroit. As pioneers pushed westward these products were joined by the fish oil business. Muskellunge and other large fish were very plentiful in the St. Mary's River. They could be caught by hand when chased...


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