Waynedale History

Dr. John Bequette, Assistant Professor of Theology at the University of Saint Francis, will deliver a lecture titled "Christians, Jews and the Holocaust: Coming to Terms with a Troubling Past," on Thursday, December 3 at 7 p.m. in the North Campus Auditorium, 2702 Spring Street.

Among other issues, Dr. Bequette will examine such questions as: How did the Holocaust happen in a "Christian" country? How do Jews and Christians theologically understand the Holocaust?

This free public lecture is...


New Life for Historic Passageway


A historic transportation corridor that has evolved with the City is beginning a new era. The City is putting the finishing touches on a four-mile stretch of the Towpath Trail to be used by bikers, joggers, and walkers. "Connecting neighborhoods, in a way we live today, is critical to the quality of life for any community. The Towpath Trail continues Fort Wayne's commitment to stronger neighborhoods by creating safe pathways that tie neighborhoods together,"...


WABASH-ACRES Land Trust has acquired Hanging Rock National Natural Landmark located near Lagro, Indiana. The former owner whom ACRES Land Trust leased the property from in the 1960s through 1980s, donated the landmark to ACRES in order to ensure its permanent protection. ACRES’ involvement with Hanging Rock began in 1958, two years prior to ACRES officially incorporating as a non-profit corporation. 51 years later, ACRES is now the owner of this significant geological feature.
“Hanging Rock is...


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