Waynedale History

Silver service created for Indiana battleship returns to Hoosier state for public display.


After 76 years at sea, the complete sterling silver service created for the USS Indiana in 1896 was reunited in a special ceremony at the Indiana War Memorial in Indianapolis. First Lady Cheri Daniels unveiled the collection which is now on display at the USS Indianapolis Museum at the Indiana War Memorial.

"Adding these distinctive pieces to the museum's collection means much to the USS...


Colorful Journalism in Fort Wayne is a continuation from an essay written by Herbert G. Bredemeir and presented to the Fort Wayne Quest Club 28 January 1966: Interested citizens of Fort Wayne in 1833 decided to invite Thomas Tigar and S.V.B. Noel to move from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne and start publication of a newspaper. Financial backing for the city's first newspaper was promised in the amount of $500 by Henry Rudisill, Dr. Lewis J. Thompson, Joseph Holman. C. W. Ewing, Allen Hamilton and...


“Abraham Lincoln, The Honest Clerk” by Frederic Mizen

A temporary art exhibition


Discover how a local Fort Wayne business rallied to promote the spirit of our country's legacy!


When the business boom of the 1920s came to a crashing halt on October 29, 1929, more than America's economy tottered on its foundation. The Great Depression of the 1930s was both a cultural and an economic crisis. Businessmen in breadlines, farmers forced off the land, unemployed workers in the streets, families broken by poverty and despair-all...


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