Waynedale History

Donn P. Werling, executive director for the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society, has announced his plans to retire effective November 30. The Society, commonly known as The History Center, oversees a museum in the old City Hall Building, the adjacent Barr Street Market, and the Chief Richardville House on Bluffton Road.

In announcing Werling's resignation at a recent board meeting, Matt Elliott, president of the Society's Board of Directors, said, "While we are sad to see Donn leave, we...


The old Firehouse # 5 is looking like new. The oak doors have been striped and re-varnished and the 114 year-old bricks look like they were just laid yesterday.

An open house for the newly restored building was 4 PM to 6 PM, Tuesday, September 11, 2007.

The party drew many neighbors, as well as local dignitaries.

The restored firehouse, at 1405 Broadway, will be occupied by the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 124. Downstairs there will be a meeting room and the...


At the turn of the 20th century all segments of Indiana's economy rapidly expanded because of the interurban! The copper, steel and heavy metal industries especially benefited from the construction and maintenance of interurban lines. Thousands of miles of copper wires were strung. Steel rails, trucks, frames and, after the price of wood increased, manufacturers started making the complete interurban car out of steel.

In my estimation, however, the greatest spin-off of the interurban industry...


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