Waynedale History

All cousins in France during WWII--June 1945. (L-R) Jennings J. Waldron, Roy Brandan, Henry Brandan, and Donald W. Waldron.

Waynedale resident, Donald W. Waldron, was born August 21, 1925 in Hazelton, Pennsylvania and graduated from high school when he was seventeen. The year was 1943 and WWII was in full swing.

Don was making his living working in a machine shop but, most people in the area worked in the Pennsylvania coal mines. He received his draft notice in late 1943 and after his basic training was assigned to 1075th Engineers. His tool room experience contributed to his assignment to the USS Glenn Jerrold...


By 1914 interurban lines in Indiana totaled more than 2,318 miles of track. Indianapolis' Traction Terminal building was on the corner of Illinois and Market Street and that was its hub. The interurban served every major community in the state except Bloomington, Madison and Vincennes.

But unfortunately Indiana's transportation utopia was built on shaky ground. Four companies controlled all lines coming into Indianapolis, Indianapolis & Cincinnati Traction Company; Interstate Public Service...


The greatest early impetus to the Interurban industry came in 1895 when Henry A. Everett and Edward W. Moore built the Akron, Bedford and Cleveland, OH, A.B.C. line. It served a large populous area and became instantly profitable.

In 1896 the line netted $16,030, and even though this dropped to $8,987 the following year, it nevertheless looked like a gold mine. By 1900 the Everett-Moore properties were capitalized at $47 million and during that same year they netted $5.5 million. With a return...


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