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The friends of The Lincoln Museum and Dupont Hospital invite you to discover a highly visual exhibition, Bleeding Blue and Gray: Civil War Medicine at The Lincoln Museum now through September 23, 2007.

"It's jam-packed with Civil War artifacts, many are from the Museum's large collection and have never been displayed," said Joan Flinspach, President and CEO of The Lincoln Museum.

"The educational objectives of this exhibit include familiarizing visitors with...


Dr. Gordon E. Damman, D.D.S., opened his lecture Civil War Medicine: An Overview, Tuesday, April 17th at The Lincoln Museum with the humorous proposal that bitten bullets collected from the Civil War were not, in fact bitten by soldiers for anesthetic effect. Who are the bullet-biting culprits? Dr. Damman's slide displayed two little pigs grazing in a field and followed with another slide: well known yard soldiers, common squirrels. The dentist and Civil War medical expert declared that both...


The Painted Turtle Drum & Singers presented traditional drumming songs on Saturday, May 5, 2007 opening a new season of programs at the Chief Richardville House.  (Clockwise) Red jacket George Strack, Jay Hartleroad, Gary Shoemaker, George Marks, Chase Conrad.

On May 5, The History Center opened a new season of programs at the Chief Richardville House, 5705 Bluffton Road. The first Saturdays of each month, May through November, have been designated as "Miami Indian Heritage Days." Programs will feature local artists, performers, and representatives from the Miami Indians and other Native American groups demonstrating traditional customs related to food, dress, dance and other aspects of their heritage.

The events for May and June have been made...


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