Waynedale History

Published in the Fort Wayne Sentinel-?circa. The caption read: According to R. A. Prince, 2708 Lower Huntington Road, these were some of the first cars in Fort Wayne. His grandparents, George and Katharine Mason are on the right.

To date the Mason family knew little about their early ancestors, other than that some of them were born in this home on Old Trail Road. Then one thing led to another and before you know it 95-year old Velma Mason Rorick, Velma's daughter Jackie Gay, and Betty Yoquelet-James Mason's daughter, began their extensive geneaology research. This is a continuation of the Mason Family History – And A View of the Past that was printed in a previous issue of The Waynedale News dated August 17...

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1804...Under order of President Thomas Jefferson, the Lewis & Clark Expedition departs from St. Louis, Missouri, on May 14, to chart a course to the Pacific Ocean.

1841...First emigrant wagon train for California. Forty-seven people leave Independence Missouri, on May 1 and reach California on November 4.

1842...Settlement of Oregon begins via the Oregon Trail.

1847...After violent clashes with settlers over polygamy, Mormons leave Nauvoo, Illinois, and head for the west under Brigham...

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(photo courtesy of Carl C. Johnston) The William H. Johnston family, ca. 1915, in front of the Superintendent’s office.  Back row: Hugh, 1894-?; Adda, 1899-1977; Gladys, 1899-?; Eliza Fulk, 1883-1961. Middle row: C. Clyde, 1880-1964; William H., 1852-1939; Lillian J. Scarlett, 1861-1948. Front row: Carl C., 1907-?; John W. 1910-?.


The Power Plant building consisted of four rooms: boiler room, engine room, washing room and ironing room. My father was engineer and was assisted by William Mellinger who lived on Brooklyn Avenue near the Wabash Railroad. They also operated the ammonia refrigeration system installed below the patient's kitchen. A patient who I now think looked like my version of a Prussian army officer brought coal in from outside with a wheelbarrow, and took ashes and cinders out to the cinder...

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