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The History Center successfully purchased seven pieces from the auction of Farnsworth items Saturday, June 18.

The highlight of the day was the purchase of a large advertising banner, dated 1940 and reading in part “Farnsworth Radio…from the home of television”. The home of television in 1940 was considered to be Fort Wayne.

“This banner is significant because it dates from the first promotional year of the Farnsworth Radio and Television Corporation, a few months after Philo Farnsworth...

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Established through the foresight of civic leaders long gone, Lindenwood Cemetery is a well-known Fort Wayne Historic landmark, celebrating a 150th Anniversary.

Twelve civic-minded leaders of the community pulled their personal resources together to purchase the acreage. What started as 152 acres of marsh and dense underbrush is now a naturally-landscaped memorial grounds of over 175 acres. Lindenwood’s name was inspired by the abundance of Linden trees on the property.

The original 152 acres...

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The past week or so witnessed what the New York Times described as history quietly passing in Turkey when police officers fanned out to make dozens of arrests of chief active and retired military personnel. For Turkish citizens, the newspaper images were unforgettable: young police officers, some not even born at the time of the last major military coup in 1980, rounding up white-haired retired Turkish generals. The unthinkable happened; the untouchable and largely unaccountable military had...

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