Waynedale History

Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 1904 was a historic and eventful day for hundreds of Missouri Synod Lutherans of Fort Wayne and vicinity. It was truly a joyous day of Thanksgiving as they gathered together with friends and neighbors to participate in the dedication and formal opening of Lutheran Hospital, at Fairfield and Wildwood Avenues. The Judge Lindley M. Ninde's 21-room homestead, which had been purchased in 1903, was rehabilitated and converted into a 25-patient-bed facility. Plans for...

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In May 1944, Lester and Bertha Umber converted an old gas station at the corner of Lower Huntington Road and Old Trail Road into a hardware store. They started with $700 in inventory and approximately 1000 square foot of floor space. Because World War II was in full swing, product was hard to come by. To make the shelves appear full, Lester would set the item on the shelf and the box it came in next to it.

To maintain a steady income, Lester continued to work full time at General Hosiery while...

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Dale Elzey, man for whom Waynedale was named.

Waynedale Annexed, June 1957

Editors Note: This article was found in The Waynedale News archives. The writer is unknown.


The 1956 election was a sweep of the Republicans in the County and State. Harold Handley was elected governor and all the seats in Allen County remained with the Republicans. E. Ross Adair, Fourth District Congressman, defeated Democrat challenger F. Dean Bechtol by a margin of wide proportion district-wise. A factor in the landslide victory was the election of...

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