Waynedale History

Early 1900s


Previous issues traced the adventures and growth of Waynedale. The early 1900s were the creation years of Waynedale. In 1918 World War I bonded us together, as did the previous community experience. As someone said, "We're all strangers until we look around and find we all have the same way of life." In 1929 Wall Street crashed losing 30 billion dollars. The nation was headed for a financial depression. Waynedaler's didn't go off the deep end. As stocks devaluated and...


After the 1929 stock market crash our nation was thrown into a disastrous depression. One of the resulting freedoms exercised was the way of life of the hobo.

The first 15 years of my life I spent very close to the trainmen on the Lake Erie & Western Railroad. By the 1930 standard it was a slow train going downhill, but when going uphill and overloaded, it chugged to a dead stop, in order to get a good head of steam. As the train slowed, all hobo's ran for cover. More often than not it was...


Looking South from Baer Road at McArthur Drive-Feb. 2004 The Little River (Harber Ditch) starts east of Yoder and flows north under Interstate Highway 469, Pleasant Center Road, Winters Road, Ferguson Road, Baer Field Thruway, Indianapolis Road, (name changes from Harber Ditch to Fairfield Ditch) through Belle Vista, and under Bluffton Road, and then dumps into the Saint Mary’s River next to the soccer fields at Foster Park.

Waynedale 1929/1930


Before the Great Depression, Waynedale was all for growth...new adventures, new businesses and exciting new gadgets to affect our way of life.

Bowser Pump had a good sales force and top-notch inventors, but they needed help to speed up production. The pump needed a sieve to screen out any foreign materials.

My Dad suggested a solution. Bowser would furnish us rolls of cotton cloth, with design specifications for the sieve. They would load these rolls on Fort Wayne...


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