Waynedale History


The society that used to meet at Prairie Grove Chapel in Wayne Township was organized in 1888, but is really a reorganization of an older class, possibly the United Brethren Society, which dates back to 1854.

In the late 1800s the United Brethren Church built the Prairie Grove Chapel on Old Trail Road, which is still standing. The ground was donated by Joseph and Catherine Mason.

The first written information on Prairie Grove Cemetery was on June 1874 when...


Speaking of Telephones


At the New York 1876 Centennial Celebration, manufacturers hawked and boasted of upcoming inventions that would revolutionize the pioneer's way of life. Some introductions included the typewriter, Edison's mimeograph, wood burning stoves, Bissell vacuum sweepers, and among other things was the telephone. Reportedly the Brazilian Emperor picked up the telephone and put the receiver to his ear. The sound shocked him and as he dropped the phone, he said, "My God, it...


Waynedale's First Library


In 1928 Nobles Homestore acquired an Allen County Public Library Depository. As the picture shows it was squeezed into a corner. If you wished to sit, you sat as my Dad, Edgar B. Noble Sr. did, on incoming groceries, or on parcel post drop-off items. If you were lucky you may sit on a 100lb. bag of Michigan Great Northern Beans. This venture wasn't much but it was a start to see if the small population would use a library. The acceptance was so great that Dad...


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