Waynedale History

Waynedale's First Library


In 1928 Nobles Homestore acquired an Allen County Public Library Depository. As the picture shows it was squeezed into a corner. If you wished to sit, you sat as my Dad, Edgar B. Noble Sr. did, on incoming groceries, or on parcel post drop-off items. If you were lucky you may sit on a 100lb. bag of Michigan Great Northern Beans. This venture wasn't much but it was a start to see if the small population would use a library. The acceptance was so great that Dad...

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part 2


In 1925 we added a room that housed a large cold storage area for fresh meat. It had a display case and a huge round butcher block. Fresh meat in a store was a very new concept and this was a built-in, commercial sized "ice box". We were wide-eyed as we watched the Moran Ice man come every other day, bringing in a 100 lb. block of ice. Everyday a lot of Grade A milk and milk products were brought in from Schranks Dairy and Ruhl Buskirk's farm on Smith Road....

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The building pictured below was located at McArthur Drive and Ideal Avenue. It was built by Forest May and plastered by Ruhl Buskirk. Forest was our neighbor from across the street and as you may guess, they were paid in 'trade'. In those days few people had money so bartering became a way of life.

In the 1920s Fort Wayne was fortunate in having two wholesale grocery outlets, A.H. Perfect and G.E. Bursley. Dad chose the G.E. Bursley Homestore, featuring co-op advertising and volume purchasing...

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