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From the Wabash & Erie Canal to the Johnny Appleseed marker, Fort Wayne shines through the decades in glorious black-and-white photography, displayed in a large format.

"I am a writer interested in recovering the past and sharing it with the present in ways that are relevant to the future," explains Bushnell. "It's my hope that people will acquire a better understanding of this city's vibrant past, especially its downtown retail center, and draw upon this book to fashion a dynamic future."

Historic Photos of Fort Wayne is part of Turner Publishing's Historic Photos series. These books, highlighting the history of the great cities across America, have been acclaimed as a staple in the collection of anyone who loves history.

A wonderful gift for Father's Day, Scott Bushnell's Historic Photos of Fort Wayne is available at the Coldwater Road Barnes & Noble on June 7th from 1-3pm and the next week, the day before Father's Day, at Hyde Brothers Booksellers on June 14th at 6pm.

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