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Photo provided by Larry D. Goss  Front Row: Clyde Ploughe, ?, ? Mitchell, Donna McCague-Clayton, JoAnne Watkins, Marilyn Parkinson-Roehm, Verda Clausen, ?, Scott Parkinson. Middle Row: Don Goss, Roger Ploughe, ?, ?, Evelyn Parkinson-Fultz, Helen Mutton-Herman. Back Row: ?, ?, ?, Mary Lou Smith, Mae Ploughe, Grosvenor Ward, Faye Parkinson, Bill Wetzel, ?, Ruth Hoopengardner, Lorene Sheddick, Herb Winkleman, Don Richardson, John Clayton, ? Spencer.Larry, a former resident of Waynedale, came across this photo while going through some old albums. It was taken at a picnic at the John Clausen cottage on Lake Wawasee around 1947-49. Bill Wetzel was the choir director and sometimes the organist at the Waynedale United Methodist Church for a number of years. Alma Brydon was the regular organist, but Bill gave concerts on the vintage Allen organ when it was new. Donna McCague directed the children's choir for a year or so when it was first started in 1947 or 48.

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