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That would be me exhibiting one of my 4-H projects back in the 60’s.4-H programs began in response to young people and their need for a better agricultural education. In 1902, a large percent of Americans lived on farms. Organized outside of school, parents served as volunteer leaders along with educators to instruct the youth. No one individual is credited with originating the 4-H program. However, it was in 1902, that A. B. Graham, Superintendent of Schools in Clark County, Ohio, organized a boys' and girls' agriculture club.

In 1907 or 1908, the first emblem was used nationally, designed by O. H. Benson. It was the three leaf clover representing- Head, Heart, and Hands. In 1911, Benson suggested a fourth leaf and H be added. Originally, the fourth H was to stand for Hustle, but it was later changed to Health. It was in 1918, the first use of the term "4-H Club" appeared in a federal document.

The first Allen County 4-H Fair was designed to share ideas and present the best. The same holds true today. This will be the 88th County Fair in Allen County. For 40 years the fair was held at The Memorial Coliseum and in 1990 the fair moved to their current site, 2726 Carroll Road.

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