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Indian Village Community Association is in the process of applying for a National Historic Register designation.  In conjunction with the City of Fort Wayne, a consultant from Indianapolis is compiling documentation on the development of the neighborhood since its conception in the 1920s.

Mr. Warner is hoping to find more information on the building phase of Indian Village. Specific questions include: How did you learn about the Village? Who was your builder and did you meet with him during the building process? Did you know or meet John R. Worthman, the developer of the village after WW II? Were you part of the sorority that dedicated the Psi Ote Park land or remember the opening of the elementary school?

If you have family history of the land before development began, remember playing in the open fields, or have stories of the building of roads and houses, any of these would help document the beginnings of the subdivision. Perhaps you have pictures of the home you had built in the Village or even a sales brochure from one of the early developers. To see some of the photo history we have compiled, look at our internet webpage at:  http://indianvillage.htmlplanet.com (no www needed).

If you have any photos, maps, or pamphlets you would be willing to share of the early days of Indian Village we would appreciate hearing from you. We would handle all articles with utmost care and return the originals. If you have a story we would like to hear please contact J. L. Tidwell at 747-1514 or you could bring your information to the IVCA Semiannual Meeting that will be held at Indian Village Elementary School on Tuesday, March 10 at 7:00 pm in the gymnasium.


Thank you for your help piecing our history together!

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