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Throughout your career, you have been working hard to save in one or more retirement accounts. Then, once you retire, you'll have some new decisions to make. But one choice has already been made for you: the age at which you must start taking withdrawals, or "distributions." It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with these distribution rules because they can have a big impact on your retirement income. And you may even want to take action before the end of the year.

Here, in a nutshell, is...


A kind word is never forgotten.

The Politician
Did you hear that Smith & Wesson came out with a new gun? It's called the "Politician." It won't work and you can't fire it.

Lights Out
I had four beers,
When I jumped in the car.
Thought I'd just drive home,
It's not that far.

A block from my house,
Or thereabout,
He pulled me over and
Said, "Your tail lights out."
~ Jim Schindler

The Quiet Place
If the majority of Congress would only learn this one lesson:
It is better to keep your mouth shut and...


The little hobgoblins and miniature witches are gone for the year, still reveling in their booty and some nursing a stomach ache. Surely this must be the dentists' favorite holiday. I've always enjoyed handing out candy to the neighborhood youngsters and admiring their Halloween costumes.

One year several little fellows knocked on our door, and I began passing out their treats. One little boy, who was about three or four years old, saw the supper table with food still on it. He bypassed the...


ATF Ralph

Six months ago Rabbi Mitchell Kornspan officiated at the funeral and internment of my friend Ralph Tourkow. Before the funeral begins, Rabbi Kornspan cuts the mourning ribbons worn by Ralph's closest relatives in a symbolic gesture of rending their garments, which reflects the tear in the fabric of their lives. The ribbon attached to a badge is worn on the left side over the heart to grieve a parent and on the right side to grieve a spouse, child or sibling.

The custom of rending garments can...


Seventy five years ago this week, millions of ordinary Americans were convinced that the world was coming to an end. They came to this conclusion, not because Hitler was rattling his sabers in Europe and the entire world teetered on the verge of war. Rather, these fears were fueled by a broadcast aired from a small CBS radio studio in New York City.

Orson Welles took to the airways on October 30, 1938 as the usual host of the Mercury Theater, and using the science fiction book, War of the...


Don't worry about the dead ones in the cemetery...it's the live ones that will bury you.

The Scariest
Who's the scariest of them all,
The goblins or the ghosts?
The monsters or the booger man,
Which one scares us the most?

No one's afraid of the friendly ghost,
He's holier than thou.
He never scared a single soul,
And doesn't want to now.

What about the booger man?
His reputation grows,
He scares us not but makes us laugh,
With his finger in his nose.

Monsters been in lots of movies,
We see them every...


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