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Summer weather has settled down upon our hills with resulting heat and humidity, while hound dogs seek out a shady spot and the youngsters head for the nearest swimming pool. The early garden crops are flourishing in the warm weather and we are beginning to enjoy the first fresh vegetables. Raspberries are starting to ripen; black, velvety caps of sweetness. Soon the blackberries will be in season and we are ready to gather the hill's bountiful goodness.

There is a price to pay however, from...

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Phil Beaver’s quilts reflect his love of nature.

Ruth B. McDowell and Phil Beaver to be honored at the Quilters Hall of Fame Celebration 2014

It's time once again to travel to Marion, Indiana for Celebration 2014 and the induction of the latest Hall of Fame honoree: Ruth B. McDowell. This year the Indiana State Quilt Guild is honoring artist, teacher quilter Phil Beaver with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ruth B. McDowell started quilting in 1972. She is an award winning quilter who has shared her love of quilting by teaching her...

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My scouts were adamant about wanting to ride in the back of my pickup, and Gordy was their spokesman. "Riding in the front of a pickup is stupid," he said. "Riding in the back is awesome."

I have always felt that when it comes to working with scouts, a person has to pick his battles. Some battles truly are worth fighting head on, for others an alternate way should be found, and then there are those that should not be fought at all. I found this to be a good philosophy, especially in my case...

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So here hath been dawning
Another blue day:
Think wilt thou let it
Slip useless away.

Out of eternity
This new day is born;
Into eternity,
At night, will return.

Behold it aforetime
No eye ever did:
So soon it forever
From all eyes is hid.

Here hath been dawning
Another blue day:
Think will thou let it
Slip useless away.
by Thomas Carlyle

When we awakened to a vast blue sky, washed clean by yesterday's rain, this poem came to mind. Songbirds were trilling their morning song; a melodious salute to a...

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Sharon Ford (left) and Helen Gregory (right) admire the quilt made from family quilt blocks by Louise Bridges (center).

It all started back in late March 2013 when a woman visits Born Again Quilts with a quilting conundrum. The woman is Louise "Weezer" Bridges who spent a portion of her childhood growing up on Dale Drive off of Bluffton Road. The ladies group at Nine Mile United Methodist Church had recently rediscovered a stack of quilt squares in a dusty old box in the church basement. A note scrawled on the cover indicated they were made by one of parishioner Phyllis Genth's grandmothers, most likely Adeline...

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The viney honeysuckles are blooming all over the banks of Clay now, just as they do every year at graduation time. That nostalgic scent will be forever intertwined in my mind with the long-ago memories of leaving the old high school for the last time.

I don't think there is any bigger milestone for a young person than high school graduation. There may be more significant events in one's life, such as college graduation, but I believe this sudden jump from adolescence to coming adulthood is the...

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