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Jean Johnson of Hoosier Favorite Quilts, New Haven, learns about the Touch Quilt project from Appleseed Quilt Guild members Kathy Bogert, Shirley Pratt and Project Chair Beth Rajcany.

The Gathering of Quilters at Wayne High School was an astounding success. Over 800 quilters and quilt enthusiasts enjoyed the exhibits of 138 quilts 20 quilts of Valor and 100 Camp WatchaWannaDo quilts that will be given to children surviving cancer this summer. 37 vendor booths hummed with activity as quilters snapped up the latest in fabrics and gadgets. Quilt Show Chair Anne Tinkel and her committee made The Gathering a stellar event. Anne gives kudos to Wayne High School Principal John...

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In 1939 General Francisco Franco, an ambitious Spanish military officer, became the absolute ruler of Spain. Franco took the title El Caudillo – the Leader – and he was ruthlessly so until his death more than 30 years later.

In the decades that he ruled, Franco had 30,000 dissidents executed, imprisoned more than 25,000 political opponents, built concentration camps, suppressed his people, persecuted his challengers, created a vast secret police network to spy on citizens, and even controlled...

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Sunlight is streaming down on hills that have been covered with snow for so long, lifting the spirits and making glad the heart. It is amazing how quickly the snow melts away, leaving the meadows basking in the sun. There is not a cloud in the blue sky, and this morning a songbird was trilling his praise for the day.

We have endured such a hard winter that some of our southern friends were beginning to make jokes about it. I received a poem from my sweet cousin Frank (Bobby) Samples who spends...

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Come on in and enjoy a discount at Born Again Quilts on International Quilting Day, March 15 from 9a – 6p

It would be so wonderful if by the time you read this all the snow has disappeared and tiny bits of green life is beginning to show. Let's face it. We live in the Hoosier state where the weatherman can't give a temperature without adding a wind chill or humidity factor behind it. So even though we can't predict when it will happen we know for certain our world will soon be painted green... and our rivers too as the FWFD hoses them green for the annual St. Patrick's Day celebrations where...

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"Pitchers and Catchers report!" It's as sure a sign of the coming spring as erupting dandelions and fledgling fruit blooms. And as inhumane as this winter has been – as brutal as it remains in many locales – spring could not get here quickly enough, groundhog shadows and eminent March snowstorms be damned.

Yes, the return of baseball is a bellwether of warmer days, even if baseball itself should expect a somewhat chilly reception these days. Critics say the games are too long and frankly...

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Will you join me in welcoming
The robin's return to West Virginia.
It is a sign of winter ending
That thrills and warms the heart within ya.

Legend tells us the old, old story
Of why your breast is red.
They say you comforted my Savior
There on Calvary when His precious blood was shed.

Your return with all your feathered friends
Is a delightful sight to see.
Welcome to our lawn and garden,
Feel free to roost and nest in the apple tree.

I know that some day, I too, will fly away
On wings...

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