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Franken Blankey quilts may be brought to Born Again Quilts for a complimentary autopsy now through Halloween. Franken Blankey image courtesy of graphic designer Robin Koller, Columbia City.

Happy Halloween! October 31 brings back fond memories of walking through rustling leaves while trick-or-treating with my siblings around the neighborhood whether on a cool crisp night or a foggy soggy one. Nearby Hillcrest School's PTA would host an annual Halloween party where kids whether students or not would attend, launch themselves down the haunted (fire escape) tunnel, bob for apples and munch on homemade popcorn balls, a treat no school today would ever dare allow to be served. Fifty...


It was harvest time, and Dolores struggled to feel like she was of any value. From the time she was a young married bride, she had worked beside her husband in the fields. She had been as proficient at running a horse team as any man. Later, as times changed, she learned to work tractors, trucks, and every other kind of farm equipment.

But things continued to change, and as she grew older, she found herself being replaced, first by her sons and daughters, and then by her grandchildren. They...


My wife loses a lot of things... until she finds them.

The Quiz
I pulled into Mike's to get my car washed and said to the attendant, "If you guess why I'm washing my car, I'll give you ten bucks."
"Because it's dirty."
"Because there's bird poop on your roof."
"I didn't know that, but nope."
"Because your wife made you."
"Okay, I give up."
"Because we need the rain.

Their Day
If Congress was to set aside a day in their honor...I would suggest April 1st.
Do you think I'm being too easy on...


Last year Paramount Pictures brought to the big screen the remarkable movie entitled, "Flight," starring Denzel Washington. Denzel played the role of Captain Whip Whitaker, a pilot with the fictional South Jet Airlines.

When we first meet Captain Whitaker he is in an Orlando hotel room with a flight attendant, suffering from a terrible hangover, a hangover he remedies by snorting a line of cocaine, just before climbing aboard to guide Flight 227 to Atlanta. The flight never arrives.

It crashed...


Autumn has rounded the corner and sent beautiful October weather to our hills. October gold is spread all over the landscape; gold that cannot be equaled even by the touch of King Midas. The turning leaves have a golden cast, the sunshine is pure gold out of a serene blue sky, and the earth echoes her golden treasures in the blooming coreopsis, the goldenrod, wild sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke.

The dandelion spreads gold dollars all over the lawn, and can be found almost any mild day...


Members of the Lamplighters Homemakers Club and the cathedral window quilt started by the late Mary Wilhelm.

In 1951 the "Elmhurst Better Homes" Homemakers Club saw the need for a club to meet in the evening to accommodate working women. Interested ladies from the Elmhurst and Sandpoint neighborhoods met on August 14, 1951 to make plans and to adopt the name "Lamplighters" and a new club was born. Currently Lamplighters has 17 members of all ages and meets on the third Tuesday of the month usually at a member's home. Like all...


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