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One of the sweetest compliments I have ever received since I began writing came in the form of a poem written by a new-found friend. It warms my heart, and makes me more thankful for my circle of friendship.

WRITE (for Alyce Faye Bragg)
By Ross Fortner
Write, My daughter
Write of the life and love
I have given to you.
Write of the memories,
Oh, how sweet, and the bittersweet, too,
Of the life you have shared
With many other of My children,
On their walk through Life,
And coming to Me.

Write, My...


There is an old story about a monastery that fell on hard times. Once it had thrived, but over the years it had become so decimated that only a few old monks were left living in an even older house. People no longer came there to be nourished spiritually and only a handful of the brothers shuffled through the cloisters.

Deep in the monastery woods was a little cabin where an old rabbi occasionally came to fast and pray. No one ever spoke with him, but whenever he appeared the word would be...


"Sanctimonious siphons, it's hot!" said Dud, sitting at the philosophy counter and turning over his coffee cup for action with a single smooth move. Dud is a regular at the Mule Barn truck stop's legendary world dilemma think tank.

"Epithet time again, Dudley?" said Doc.
"Epithets and heat time, Doc. When that heat comes along, the only thing that can really change an attitude is a properly tuned epithet. It's man's emotional release valve, but of course you know that, being a doctor and...


I had always said I could never be fond of a cat because cats are annoying animals. Around our farm, as I grew up, the cats were wild and pesky. To make matters worse, when I married, my mother-in-law owned a cat; or, to be more specific, the cat owned her. It bothered me when the cat demanded it be served like a queen and my mother-in-law indulged its behavior. So, from experience, I felt I would always dislike cats. Then I met Oliver.

I had gone out to my mother's house to help her with her...


If you buy just what you need and not what you want, you'd have a lot less needs.

The Ohio prosecutor, who jokingly filed a criminal indictment against the groundhog, Punxsutawaney Phil, for fraudulently predicting an early spring, must have gotten a lot of pressure from the local meteorologists. If they were indicted every time they screwed-up, they'd all be lifers!

Recently, Hillary announced her support for gay marriage. I don't blame her. That might be more satisfying than...


Years ago my Dad, known as Darvis or "Bill" to friends, joined me on an afternoon hike along the White River in Indiana. Colorful autumn leaves lined the trail making the walk pleasant. Smells and sounds of everything around us had a golden feel in the rich Indiana sunlight. We quietly moved along the trail like a couple of long forgotten Native Americans talking only a little and mostly just soaking up the wonderful atmosphere of the forest, the sparkling river and the time together.

As we...


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