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A half-hearted sun is trying to break through the clouds today and shine upon ground that is encrusted with snow. Cardinals are visiting the bird feeder, making a colorful spot of red in an otherwise bleak landscape. Trees lift bare arms to the sky as if in supplication to the sun for its warming rays.

The frigid breeze blows through the dry hydrangea stalks, making a rustling noise and rattling the dried blossoms. There is not much stirring today as the wildlife seems to have found shelter in...

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The older the violin...the more its worth.

The Gobbler
Thank God, Thanksgiving comes only once a year. If I gobbled any more often, I'd look like a stuffed turkey.
But please folks, don't give me the bird.

The Agreement
After her annual physical, Char's doctor said, "Everything looks good, but I would like to see you lose some weight."
Char looked at the good doc and said, "So would I."

A Cut From Above
Late one afternoon, Skip, my soon to be world famous barber, was giving a not so famous...

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The brownness of November has enveloped our hills, with brown fields and meadows, and brown leaves scattered on the forest floor. The air is a little nippier, and mornings brings a coat of white frost and ice frozen in puddles. I remember how the fields of broomsage always shone golden as the autumn wind waved the stalks back and forth. If you haven't romped through a field of dry broomsage, you have missed something.

It didn't matter how cold it was, we played outside. "Hide and Seek,"...

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A highly collectible Singer sewing machine, a 1930s tin stove and Diane’s early 1950s toy iron are a part of her collection of girl toys.

Christmas will soon be here, and once again TBS will run the classic movie "A Christmas Story" for a 24-hour stretch. For the uninitiated the movie recollects author Jean Shepard's magical Christmas when his father gifts "Ralphie" with a Red Ryder BB gun and as admonished by his mother, he goes outside and thinks he's accidentally shot his eye out. As passionate Ralphie was about his BB gun it makes me wonder what toys of the 1940s and 1950s would bring the same kind of joy to girls?

Now of...

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"On earth peace, goodwill toward men," sang the angels on the first Christmas morning. The Hebrew word for peace is shalom. In Judaism shalom is a living concept, not a word; a vision for how life could be, should be, and the life God is pulling his whole creation toward.

In this way of thinking, peace is not merely the absence of war or conflict. It is not simply quietness or calm. It is overall wellbeing. It is health and wholeness. It is personal, communal, and cosmic harmony. It is a...

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November is the only month people don't mind getting the bird.

I don't understand all the fervor over the name Redskins, as in the Washington Redskins. Hell...I'd be honored if they'd named them after me and they wouldn't even have to give me any firewater!

Whip Cream
Recently, Justin Bieber threatened a neighbor who complained about his driving. Would someone please tell his neighbor not to worry? If the truth were known, Bieber couldn't whip cream!

The Girls
Whenever the girls,...

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