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An ancient story often retold but never without relevance, has one of the Egyptian Pharaohs making a strange request of his priests. As the sacrificial ox was being slain at the altar, the Pharaoh demands that the holy men bring to him the holiest portion of the animal, and that part of the animal most evil. In the end, the priests brought Pharaoh only the tongue.

This reflects the parallel wisdom of an equally olden Jewish proverb: "Death and life are in the power of one's words; they hold...


The computer takes more blame for the operators' mistakes than they do. I suppose it's because, unlike the operator, the computer doesn't have to listen to the complainers crap!

Trudy, a very substantial woman and a waitress at a local bar/restaurant, said, "Some guy gave me the best compliment  ever last night."
"What was it?" I asked.
"He said, "I sure do love a healthy lookin' woman."
"Well," I said, before I put my brain in gear, "He'd sure have lots to love."
She gave me a dirty look and...


Summer is dwindling down, with midsummer wild flowers holding court now. Yellow seems to be the dominant color, from the pale shade of the evening primrose to the tall stalk of the mullein. The small aster-like heads of fleabane, looking just like miniature daisies, raise their yellow and white colors to the sun and nod cheerfully to the airy wave of Queen Anne's lace. There is a spot more color in the orange hue of the wild touch-me-not, and the mauve heads of spotted Joe-Pye weed. Purple...


Sisters Peg Miller and Sharon Leatherman hold the last photo of their sister Carolyn in front of her folded star quilt.

"Pieceful pieces" was the theme of this year's Maumee Valley Antique Steam & Gas Association's 28th Annual Quilt Show. The exhibit included traditional and modern designs featuring intricate piece work and both hand and machine quilting.

The week prior, quilt show coordinator Peg Miller stops by Born Again Quilts to pick up a few quilts to exhibit and shares with me that both her younger "middle sister" Carolyn and their step-father Roland Kyle who raised them had died in June of cancer...


You have to hand it to Windy. When Alphonse "Windy" Wilson chooses to speak, it is a bombastic sampling of creativity. Windy has yet to find a word he can't make better through his own unique methods.

Well, what got him fired up the other day was a meeting of the ladies of the garden club down at the nursery. Windy's been helping Dewey with his manure business on the one day a week he spends helping others. Today wasn't a helper day, but he couldn't pass up the audience.
They hadn't gotten...


The best gifts are not always in the prettiest packages.

Some mornings,
I wake up bitchy.
If I'm hungry,
And want something to eat.

Other mornings,
If I'm not hungry,
I get up quietly,
And let bitchy sleep.
Jim Schindler

A Bunch
I'm sure you've seen many kids, who think they're cool, wear their pants down so low that most of the back of their underwear is showing. For some reason, I think that's a bunch of crap.

No Show Jones
Recently, one of the most famous country singers who ever lived...


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