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Will you join me in welcoming
The robin's return to West Virginia.
It is a sign of winter ending
That thrills and warms the heart within ya.

Legend tells us the old, old story
Of why your breast is red.
They say you comforted my Savior
There on Calvary when His precious blood was shed.

Your return with all your feathered friends
Is a delightful sight to see.
Welcome to our lawn and garden,
Feel free to roost and nest in the apple tree.

I know that some day, I too, will fly away
On wings...

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Atreyu will always feel Judi’s love as he cuddles under his quilt.

On a late October evening a woman intently peers in the front window of Born Again Quilts. That's how I meet Judi Vaught who on her way to meet her friend Crystal and her nearly month-old son next door at the Friendly Fox Restaurant when the display of vintage embroidered crib sheets and baby quilts caught her eye.

Judi checks them out and decides an embroidered late 1950s baby quilt with green borders depicting nursery rhymes like Jack Be Nimble, Little Johnnie Stout, and Little Boy Blue...

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This year Bob Seger will celebrate his tenth anniversary as an inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The honor is his because of his hardscrabble, up-by-the-bootstraps life story; the way he can forge lyrics that are a combination of personal autobiography and everyman's experience; and of course, there is the legendary intensity with which he delivers his melodies.

Of equal legend are his songs: "Turn the Page," "Night Moves," "We've Got Tonight," and "Still the Same" – tunes that...

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Dana enjoys the quilt her mother made that connects her to the people important to her by a single red thread.

Happy Valentine's Day! After all of the high winds and record-breaking low temperatures, it's good to focus on something warm and fuzzy like Valentine's Day.

About ten years ago I quilted a special quilt for a young Chinese girl adopted by Vince Maloney and Karen Ericson. While going through the adoption process, Karen starts cross-stitching blocks using black thread on white aida fabric. She sews Chinese symbols for all of the good things she wants her yet unknown child to experience.

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Willie is missing. Never was a dog more loved, or more pampered. He was actually a squirrel dog, and one of the best. But he was more than that. He truly was man's best friend, and more.

He was mostly a Norwegian, with a little Feist mixed in. He was out of Criss' squirrel dog, and a Norwegian mother. Criss had promised daughter Patty a puppy, and as soon as he was weaned, she took him. Her husband Bob was not a bit enthused about raising a pup, and short of forbidding her, he discouraged...

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With record breaking cold temperatures in the Mid-West it seemed a good time to turn people's thoughts to a warmer part of the country and make a personal admission at the same time. Though my wife grew up in Fort Wayne and it's been a second home of mine for over twenty years, I admit it...it's true...I grew up in West Monroe, Louisiana with the Duck Dynasty guys. It's not like we were hunting buddies or spent time together driving our four-wheel drives in the mud holes down in the swamps, but...

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