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"Maybe it's time for you to settle down." Those were my words to a friend who was seeking a bit of help with his unhappy life. It's not that his life was an out-and-out disaster. He had all the trappings of contentment: A good job, a beautiful wife and family, a comfortable home, and a bright future. Still, he wasn't happy.

Truth be told, this was no new phenomena. I had never known him to be happy for terribly long. He didn't suffer from hopelessness, depression, or despair. He simply wanted...

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Swinging on the porch swing in the gathering darkness. . . only the monotonous sound of the night bugs. . . tree frogs singing a sleepy good-night. . . an old song runs through the mind. . .

"Once in the dear, dead days beyond recall.
When on the world the mists begin to fall,
Out of the dreams that rose in happy throng,
Low to our hearts love sang an old sweet song."
"Just a song at twilight
When the lights are low,
And the flickering shadows
Softly come and go.
Though the heart be weary,

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Carole Sorg’s Sunflower Memory quilt.

The fabrics of our lives often end up in the quilts we make. The second-place Viewer's Choice award at the Maumee Valley Gas Engine Association Show went to Hoagland quilter Carole Sorg's quilt "Sunflower Memories".

The sunflower block is also known as grandmother's sunburst, friendship ring and dresden plate. Typically the "petals" of the first three peak at the middle while the dresden plate petals are rounded. No matter what it's called this block along with grandmother's flower garden and...

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An ancient story often retold but never without relevance, has one of the Egyptian Pharaohs making a strange request of his priests. As the sacrificial ox was being slain at the altar, the Pharaoh demands that the holy men bring to him the holiest portion of the animal, and that part of the animal most evil. In the end, the priests brought Pharaoh only the tongue.

This reflects the parallel wisdom of an equally olden Jewish proverb: "Death and life are in the power of one's words; they hold...

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The computer takes more blame for the operators' mistakes than they do. I suppose it's because, unlike the operator, the computer doesn't have to listen to the complainers crap!

Trudy, a very substantial woman and a waitress at a local bar/restaurant, said, "Some guy gave me the best compliment  ever last night."
"What was it?" I asked.
"He said, "I sure do love a healthy lookin' woman."
"Well," I said, before I put my brain in gear, "He'd sure have lots to love."
She gave me a dirty look and...

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Summer is dwindling down, with midsummer wild flowers holding court now. Yellow seems to be the dominant color, from the pale shade of the evening primrose to the tall stalk of the mullein. The small aster-like heads of fleabane, looking just like miniature daisies, raise their yellow and white colors to the sun and nod cheerfully to the airy wave of Queen Anne's lace. There is a spot more color in the orange hue of the wild touch-me-not, and the mauve heads of spotted Joe-Pye weed. Purple...

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