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When Tina called, Sally could tell something was really wrong. Tina’s voice was panicked and tense. She was so tense, in fact, that Sally couldn’t understand what she was saying. Sally decided it would be best to walk to Tina’s house and see what the problem was.

Tina was new to the area, and after she had moved in, she and Sally had quickly become friends. But they were about as different as two women could be. Tina had grown up in one of the roughest areas of a big city and had lived there...

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When I chose to take on the task of writing a monthly article about homeschooling, I knew at some point, I would pause to acknowledge the dedicated teachers who teach in the brick school house be it public, private or parochial.

Teachers, outside the home, are not competition or a threat to homeschoolers and vice-versa. God created a big, wide world for us to educate our children in. We should encourage and respect each other. Separate the system (common core) from the human (teacher).


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Part 1
Teeney and Weeney’s father, Colonel Black, was home on leave from the Squirrel Army. Mrs. Graytail and the twins were so excited they were running around as if they had lost their heads. Such a loving family you have never seen.

Colonel Black had made a promise to the twins that he would take them to the city to visit their cousins. The twins were holding their father to his promise, thus they decided to leave the next morning.

Teeny and Weeney were so excited they were running to all...

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Thanksgiving Day will soon be here and many Americans will gather to enjoy a meal and give thanks for their many blessings.

I find it sad people feel the need to shop on Thanksgiving Day and store owners feel compelled to open their doors to keep up with their competition. For once the Day is over it is on to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday culminating with the frenzy of Christmas Eve shopping.

The Small Business Saturday was launched by American Express in 2010: Go...

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The melancholy days are come,
the saddest of the year
With wailing winds and naked woods,
and meadows brown and sere.
Heaped in the hollows of the grove,
the autumn leaves lie dead,
They rustle to the eddying gust
and to the rabbit’s tread.
The robin and the wren are flown,
and from the shrubs the jay.
And from the wood top calls the crow,
through all the gloomy day.
From “Death of the Flowers” by William Cullen Bryant

It’s hard for me to agree with the poet, as I feel that November is not a sad month...

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High school football teams in our part of the state,
Have a history of being exceptionally great!

Teams like Cadets, Bruins and ‘Skins,’
Saints, Hawks and Knights, all amass plenty of wins.

Even Wayne Generals never lost so much.
But our Trojans’ streak was too untouchable to touch.
A record that amassed 64 straight defeats...

How did those brave souls ever strap on their cleats?

As a Trojan myself and faculty member with pride,
There were times I wish I could have found some place to...

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