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According to a December 2002 article in WORTH magazine:

"We live in a nation of tremendous luxury, yet every three hours a child is killed by gunfire. Twelve million Americans kids live in poverty. A third of the women in the United States have been sexually assaulted. Around the world, 37 million people are refugees or have been displaced from their homes.

The facts are alarming. The good news is that...

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Early morning! Having just poured a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee, I decided to go outside and enjoy it watching the morning sunrise. Birds are chirping and singing their morning song. The trees are starting to green up and blossom with the freshness of springtime. My thoughts turned to reflections upon faith. For many, this is the season of Lent, Easter and the Resurrection. I love that word, resurrection, for it brings hope and a promise from God that anytime when we are feeling low and...

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Different Perspectives


I, as I'm sure the rest of you, have been following closely, the war in Iraq. ‑I want to state that I am one hundred percent American. ‑When one of our soldiers dies, all Americans feel the loss. No soldier dies without being mourned.

I have watched TV as the Iraqi's fight the American GI's who were sent there to free them. I understand that they have only known the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein for 30 years. Still, it seemed to me, that being freed from that...

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Spring is always a good time to get your pet's yearly check up. Many diseases can be prevented by good routine care.

Dogs should be vaccinated and checked for intestinal and heart worms. I have already seen mosquitoes this year so preventing heartworm disease should be a priority in every dog owner's life. Many heartworm preventatives also prevent intestinal worm infestations and provide some flea protection although I'm not impressed with the flea protection it provides. It is my...

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1/2 pound hamburger (brown and drain)

1 medium onion (chopped)

1 small green pepper (chopped)

1/2 tsp. Dried basil (crushed)

1/2 tsp. Dried oregano (crushed)

3 cans tomato soup

4 cups water

2 tsp. Lemon juice

4 cups cooked elbow macaroni

Garlic powder to taste

salt & pepper to taste


Put browned/drained hamburger, onion, pepper, basil and oregano together in a sauce pan. Add soup, water, lemon juice, and cooked macaroni. Heat through and serve. Should...

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Dear Cousin,


Pilot Knob is hidden behind a veil of snow that is spread across our hills this morning. March left and the lion took a last feeble jab before he went. The March lion is mostly bluff anyway. He can roar and blow, throw several inches of snow on trees and hillsides, but before long the sun comes out and melts it all away. There is an old song that Mom used to sing; some of the words go like this:

"Sometimes it's snowing and freezing and blowing, but sometimes it's fair you...

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