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Behind every good man there is a good

W _ _ _ _.

I'll bet you wrote down "woman", didn't you? ‑Well, that is an old saying and one that is difficult for Native American Indians to comprehend. ‑In the Sacred Circle of Life, the only thing we Indians leave behind is anything that will not help our people. ‑So behind every good man is the anger he left behind, replaced by a joy-filled and grateful spirit.

So, you see - - -

Behind every good man there is a W O R L D that is...

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I know everyone thinks their dog is the best, but my dog, Mason is truly entertaining. I've only had him a couple weeks. His owners decided he was just too big and difficult to train. I took him thinking I would keep him for a few weeks, put some training on him and find him a good home.

Mason is such a joy; I'm going to have a hard time parting with him. He loves to play. Just now he brought me a ball to throw for him, if I don't touch it, he'll bring me another toy, and then another. I guess...

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(Contirbuted by Boy Scout Leader Walter Pressler Jr.) 



1 lb. hamburger

1 cup ketchup

3/4 lb bacon (cut in small pieces)

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 cup chopped onion

1 tbsp. Liquid smoke

2 (1lb. 5oz) cans pork and beans

1 (1lb) can kidney beans (drain)

1 (1lb.) can butter beans (drain)

salt & pepper to taste

3 tbsp. white vinegar


Brown ground beef, bacon, and onion in #12 Dutch oven. Drain off grease. Add remaining...

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Monday morning - Memorial Day - I was glad to see all the scouts and leaders in the parade this year. It just keeps looking better and better.

I asked Chris Seplak to get me the names of all the scouts and leaders and I would publish them. Here is what he gave me and if I mispell your name, blame him.

Troop 38 Scouts - Danieal Brown, Kenith Griggs, Noah Griggs, Bob Jobe Troop 38 Leaders - Jerry Lloyd, Jim Fox, Bill Lamb, Dan Jobe, David Griggs

Troop 19 Scouts - Eagle Scout Justin Marquart...

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Can We Freeze Time?


What is it about spring that makes us so happy? Now, I know that people probably get weary of hearing about grandchildren, but they are like spring themselves. So fresh, so unselfconscious. They fit right in to nature as it should be. Bare feet, green moist grass, mud, puppies, pigtails, and little girls. My darling Lulu "graduated" from preschool and is going to go to Grammar School in the fall. Can I stand it? ‑This baby, who came late to us, and has been such a joy...

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Dear Cousin,


April showers evolved into cold rains with a threat of precipitation almost every day. The greenery has flourished, with meadows and fields rife with verdant growth. The airy, white blossoms of the white ash bush flutter in the breeze, scattering its sweet fragrance through the air. The wild azaleas are blooming, bright orange and pink bushes that are scattered in the woods and hang over the road banks. We always called them "honeysuckle bushes," but true honeysuckle is a...

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