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(Actually it's Chicken Cacciatore but who can spell it?)


1/2 cup oil

4 skinless/boneless chicken breasts

1 tbsp. garlic powder

1 large onion sliced

2 large peppers cut into strips

1/2 lb. mushrooms (sliced)

2 celery ribs cut in 1/4-inch strips

1 tsp. cracked pepper

2 28-oz. cans crushed tomatoes

2 tbsp. Italian seasoning

1 28-oz. can diced tomatoes

1 cup white vinegar


Brown chicken breasts in the oil in the bottom of a #12 Dutch oven. Add...

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Dear Readers, 


Hoo - Boy! Our editor just emailed me that my column is due. I have about one hour to meet my deadline (which is, in reality, an over-deadline). I am in good old Indiana. I am a Hoosier to the bone, and any time I hit Indiana I feel a happiness that I never feel anywhere else. I thought Europe was a bust. Don't those people know how to speak English? Travel has its merits, but Indiana is still the best.

We are at Oliver Lake in northeastern Indiana and I have...

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This I believe - Besides what you will read below, I believe Summer Camp for a boy is good in that it helps him to learn to live without Mom and Dad's constant supervision, helps him grow up mentally, prepares him for living away from home, and gives him a relief from his young brothers and sisters.

Ray McCune


THIS I BELIEVE . . . (From THE COURIER - Official Messenger of the Anthony Wayne Area Council)



You may get tired of hearing...

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Dear Cousin,


It was growing dusky-dark, that magic hour between daylight and dark, when the children squeeze in every minute of play that they possibly can. Reuben ran through the yard yelling to me in excitement. He had something tenderly cupped in his hands and said, "Oh look, Mommaw, at what I found!"

He opened his hands carefully to reveal a tiny fluttering object, with beady eyes and a sheen of blue-green feathers. Reuben went on to explain, "I heard something rustling in the ditch...

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Dan paddling? down the one-way stream of the Wabash.

Brother Dan owns a small construction company here in Waynedale. He and his wife Molly have three sons, Matthew who lives in Indy, Ben who has just finished his junior year at Purdue, and Little Dan who graduated from Homestead last year. Dan can trim the inside of a house, hang doors, fix or design about anything, and has employed most of the young men in our family. He's the kind of guy every family wishes they had and few have. He called me last Wednesday about 7 pm.

"You got a two man...

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Behind every good man there is a good

W _ _ _ _.

I'll bet you wrote down "woman", didn't you? ‑Well, that is an old saying and one that is difficult for Native American Indians to comprehend. ‑In the Sacred Circle of Life, the only thing we Indians leave behind is anything that will not help our people. ‑So behind every good man is the anger he left behind, replaced by a joy-filled and grateful spirit.

So, you see - - -

Behind every good man there is a W O R L D that is...

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