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(KIS KIF - Keep It Simple and Keep It Fun)

If you want to take kids fishing, it's important to get fish on the line fast and often. Fishing can be a highly technical hobby. The choices in rods, reels, bait, lures and lines can be mind-boggling. When you're fishing with kids, though it's important to keep it simple and keep it light. The less time you spend fighting equipment, the more time kids will have for fighting fish on the line. Need an event to get kids started?


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Derby in Louisville
Dear Waynedale Friends,
We had the big celebration of another Kentucky Derby here in Louisville. ‑As usual, many of my siblings from Waynedale came for the big day. Now, we used to go to the infield, but as we have gotten older, and the prices have gotten higher, we all seem content to have a fun day and watch the Derby on television. If you have never been to the infield, it is an experience that is hard to describe. I guess Derby is to Louisville what the Mardi Gras is to...

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From THE COURIER by Dr. Tom Jansen, Council Commissioner

The whole hope of the Scouting movement rests upon two assumptions: 1)That unit leaders can use the Scouting program in a manner to make a difference in the lives of young people. 2)That district volunteers will do whatever is necessary to ensure every unit leader's success.

Here's the way it is for unit leaders; using the Scoutmaster for example: One night every single week the Scoutmaster...

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The old Indian Bead Fossils from Hanson Aggregates (cover story) actually came from the stem of crinoids. The delicate skeleton of a crinoid is made of numerous plates that are held together by a leathery covering during life.

When a crinoid dies, the leather covering decomposes and individual plates are often scattered over the sea floor. Therefore complete specimens are rare.

Dear Cousin,


The morning dawns, clear and sparkling, after days of rain and gloomy weather. We live in a green world, with leaves on the trees full and flowing. Our hills have been washed clean by the abundant moisture, and stand fresh and inviting in the morning sunshine. May is a flowering month, and this spring the shrubs and trees have bloomed in abundance. The dogwoods and redbuds were heavy with bloom, and now the locust trees are hung with white clusters of bloom.

The drooping...

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1-1/2 cups water


1-1/2 tsp. Cream of tartar

1-1/2 cups sugar

20 saltine crackers (broken)

1/4 stick margarine

2 uncooked pie crusts

Ground cinnamon


Mix water, sugar, and cream of tartar together and heat just to a boil and cook for 4 minutes. While liquid is cooking, put one piecrust in bottom of an 8-inch pie tin. Break saltine crackers and put in piecrust. Sprinkle ground cinnamon on top of broken saltines. Dot crackers with slices of margarine. Spoon hot...

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