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Genius Bar at the Apple Store Keystone at the Crossings Indy.

This is perhaps my favorite byte yet.


Saturday November 2nd Jen and I took a road trip to Indianapolis/Keystone area. It wasn't 2 weeks ago I received an e-mail from Apple Computer about how to "Shop Different" to my huge excitement it was an invitation to the Grand Opening of the new Apple Store – Keystone. In what I've heard about other Apple Store Grand Openings in the country I've heard it's almost a party.

15 Minutes before 10:00am at the Keystone Mall I realize parking was a little...

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When I was growing up, my mom used to fix ('prepare' for you Yankees) a dish called Chipped Beef and Gravy, Creamed Dried beef, or maybe it was Dried Beef and Gravy. I've heard it called many things. Later on, when I joined the Boy Scouts we called it S.O.S. (Something on a shingle). After a stint in the Navy, it was still called S.O.S. but by that time 'S' stood for 'Something-else' on a shingle. The shingles remained the same.


Creamed Dried Beef

1/4 lb. dried beef 2...

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Dear Friend,

You asked, "When does it end? The grief and heartache of losing a precious loved one?"

I can recall when my mother told me I had a brother in Heaven. "What is his name?" I asked. "His name is Jerry, and he was here for just a short time. He's an Angel. He has always been an Angel. He came to teach us how to love one another and to trust our faith to guide us." Mom had a special glow about her when telling me about Jerry. He was just an infant when The Creator asked him to be an...

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Principal Steve Ecenbarger welcoming Dave Kinnee, Miami District Exec. to Maplewood School.

As promised in the last Smoke Signals column, I'm putting in a few more Scout pictures. Most were taken at Maplewood School during a recent Cub Scout/Girl Scout recruitment. If your Scout unit has news or pictures please get them to me ASAP so we can schedule them for future columns. This is a sad but true statement, "No body remembers the good things our kids do but they sure remember the bad things." Let's show the public what our 'good' kids are doing.

Roy and Laurie Duff, new owners of Gio’s.

It started as a Root Beer stand back in the early fifties. It was situated across from the old Fort Wayne Drive-in on Bluffton Road, where Star Financial is now located. It was always a pre-movie gathering place for many Waynedale kids. Teenagers Linda Kreischer, Nancy Lee, Judie Dedman, and Sue Wollum used to be carhops and it was frequented by local patrons with nicknames like Woody, Tom-Tom, and Racer Reed.

In the sixties, Tony Onarato replaced the old Root Beer stand with a restaurant...

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Mort Holcolm and Cookie Saylor (sitting on a bench at the Riveria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas), both had played in leagues since the league first started in 1980. Both of them have been on several Championship Pool Teams.

If Fort Wayne's Pool Leagues had a Hall of Fame these two would definitely be in it.

Cookie works at Jack Eiser Sales running the pool leagues. Mort Holcolm retired from Omni Source and has helped finance several pool halls.‑

Pool leagues would not be where we are today...

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