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Spring is a beautiful season, the resurrection of Jesus being the most glorious and beautiful. All creation is coming to life anew. It is time to till up our spiritual gardens and plant our prayers in the rich soil of our Savior's unconditional love and watch the miracles grow; to unite with friends and family for a cook-out and to tell stories around the camp fire. And as we see the smoke on the wind, may we know that The Creator sends us all blessings of Love and Light.


Rev. Tom Dancing...


Love is "we" not I.
Love is mutual respect.
Love is "I am here for you".
Love is trust in each other.
Love is a lifetime of commitment.
Love is more than 50/50,
but never 100% me.
Love is for richer or poorer,
In sickness and in health.
Love is friendship, not just sex.
Love is consideration and kindness.
Love is life, and life is love.
From your heart to his/her heart,
Love is "us".


Written by: Shirley Sona

This past week I finally broke down and purchased an Apple iPod. An iPod is an MP3 player. You can listen to MP3 files on this little (size of a deck of cards) walkman jukebox.

As soon as I saw the box that housed the iPod I knew that this was something special. It came in a box shaped like a cube and opened up almost like a puzzle. Inside was a CD for software I needed to use it, and the iPod. I was like a kid getting a new toy for Christmas. After checking out the iPod I plugged it into...


The ninth annual Fort Wayne Art Source All Media Art Show accepted entries April 6 and 7, and was judged by Matt Jones, owner and manager of the Broadway Galleries. Eighty-eight pieces were entered in the show. The art works were done in a range of mediums from pottery, beadwork and photography, through the traditional oils, watercolors and mixed media. Most of the works are available for sale.

Best of show was awarded to Elizabeth Wittke's "Joanna in Blue", a mesmerizing shadowed portrait...



On March 13th - 17th 2002 at the University Inn/Cumberland Place Exhibition Center in West Lafayette, Indiana the 5th annual 8-ball championship was held. Mickey & Billy's (Southtown Mall) sent (5) teams.

To all the Men and women players who participated, you are all winners!

Men's Singles: 13th Arnold Helgesen, 9th John Adamonis, 3rd Dave Schrader

Women's Singles: 7th Juana Fuentes

Super tournament (congratulations), next issue I will cover...


A Planetary Gathering of the Close Kind!!


In late April and early May, all five naked-eyed planets are visible simultaneously in the western sky. Look about 45 minutes after sunset. About halfway up is brilliant Jupiter. Shining below Jupiter is a string of planets: Venus, Saturn, Mars and Mercury. Throughout May these five planets will form and reform new patterns as they move against background stars.

On Sunday, May 5, face west just after sunset to see a nearly equilateral triangle of 3...


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