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I'm disappointed in that I don't have a lot of information coming in from area Scout troops or packs. Send me your advancements and where you went on your monthly outings. Let me know what your leaders are planning and where and when you meet in case someone is interested in joining your unit. In the meantime I'll report what I have. We'll also publish pictures of your unit as space permits.

Jerry Lloyd, Scoutmaster of Troop 38 and Jim Fox, Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 38 have informed...

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Venus, the Moon and a Star Named Spica


Venus graces the early western skies this summer as the 'evening star'. This brilliant goddess of love dances with two celestial bodies in early September. Venus shines within one degree of Spica and pairs up with crescent moon.

Venus shines brightly due to her ability to reflect sunlight like a huge mirror. A very thick atmosphere traps heat from the sun causing the surface temperature of Venus to reach nearly 900 degrees F. A casual stargazer would...

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1 cup Mayonnaise 2 tbsp. Lemon juice

1/2 Tsp. Salt 1 Tsp. Sugar

4 cups Shredded cabbage

Optional ingredients – all or a combination of:

2 tbsp. Chopped red or green bell pepper

2 tbsp. Chopped green onion

Combine first three ingredients with a whisk and pour over shredded cabbage (and any optional ingredients). Toss to mix, cover, and set aside in refrigerator or icebox for an hour...

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I wonder what 'twill all be like in 1999;
And how we'll get from here to there in 1999.
Man's legs don't take him very far;
Instead, he goes by motor car.
But he'll be reaching for a star, in 1999.


I wonder what we'll find to do in 1999;
Or if we'll need to work at all, in 1999.
Man's hands, his brains, are obsolete;
Computers do the job complete;
No wash, just wear, will keep us neat, in 1999.


I wonder, will the world still stand, in 1999.
Or will the Millenium bring us peace, in 1999.
As sure...

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Dear Cousin,
A summer thunderstorm swept over our hills at dusk last night, bringing much needed moisture to the lawns and gardens. The sultry heat was banished, as the wind blew away the last vestige of the sun-scorched day. The garden crops greedily drank in the life-giving moisture as the rain continued to soak the ground.
The corn blades have been curled up for days in order to conserve every precious drop of dew and channel it toward the roots. Today they are green and flat as the roots...

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Growing up a Waynedale Kid


Dear Waynedale friends,

I was going to give you some more dandy Derby recipes but our editor is doing Waynedale stories this time and I was requested to submit my two cents worth.

I reeled my brain back to my young years in Waynedale. I left at age 19 to be married and unfortunately have lived away from home ever since, transferring to this city and that, as my husband changed jobs and grew with the company. I have never been anyplace in my many years to compare...

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