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Shaun Cunningham-Pack 3025 proudly displays his 2nd place ribbon and Pinewood Derby car.


Jack Shepard, Scoutmaster of Troop 44 announced the appointment of Anita "Nana" Weyer as Troop 44's First-Ever (as far as we know) female Assistant Scoutmaster at the troop's Court of Honor held Monday, April 8, 2002 at the Scout Cabin, corner of Lower Huntington Road and Ardmore Avenue.

"Anita is no newcomer to the scouting scene," said Jack, "She went through Scoutmaster training in the same class that I went through. Anita is fully...

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(After 32 years of annual fishing tips we found that every trip has brought us something to remember and some things we'd like to forget.)


Our gear was all packed,
We were ready to leave,
When wails from the bathroom,
Like you wouldn't believe.


Wife was rinsing her dentures,
To make 'em fresh for the trip,
If to err is human,
She made that kinda slip.


She dropped both plates,
Into that ceramic pot,
And flushed them down,
The you-know-what!


Said I, "I'm not delayin',
For something so...

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Planetary Gathering Celebrates National Astronomy Week


April will offer an unusual opportunity for the casual stargazer to easily see five planets in the night sky after sunset. This will be the best gathering in nearly 20 years featuring the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. During April, viewers can watch each night as the planets assemble. Three of the planets, Venus, Saturn, and Mars will crowd into an even smaller area of the sky in early May.

Venus is the most...

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When you walk through the front door of "Grandma's Back Porch," 6811 Old Trail Road (next to Ridenour Twin Service), it is like walking back in time. The century-old house is very cozy and inviting with its country furnishings. Handcrafted wood furniture fills the three rooms on the main floor along with pictures, pillows, clocks, candles, books, dinnerware, birdhouses and other country treasures.

The country theme is carried out up the wide staircase to the second floor. Upstairs you will...

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photo by Cindy Cornwell	 Florida Spring Training Twins warmup prior to game against St. Louis Cardinals – Ft. Myers, FL. Positions set in stone for the 2002 season: #16 Doug Mientkiewicz will be playing 1st base. Luis Rivas #2 will start at second base. #47 Corey Koskie third base.

Thousands of fans from around the country attend Spring Training as one of the great traditions in baseball. This past week I was lucky enough to be one of them, along with my two sons, Alex and Jordan. Spring training for the Minnesota Twins is in Fort Myers, Florida—Lee County Sports Complex—Hammond Stadium. Hammond Stadium is home to the Minnesota Twins major league team and six minor league teams.

The Fort Wayne Wizards were affiliated with the Minnesota Twins a few years back. Remember...

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Mae Julian with her dad. circa late ‘50’s



I can still see the scene: I was sitting in the kitchen, at the kitchen table with my dad. He was drinking his coffee and we were alone. He was giving his sage advice in a very conversational tone. He wasn't one to lecture, but more often taught by example, reflection, or just some innate wisdom that he was endowed with at birth.

Don't forget, ever, that the time will come when you will want to retire. Save for that day. It comes faster than you think. Boy, thought I, what do...

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