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by Leroy Partin


Last night I walked a lonely path,
That leads to yonder hill.
My way was bathed in soft moonlight,
And the night was warm and still.


As I walked, my memory faded back,
To a girl I used to know,
That had walked by my side along this path,
So many years ago.


I wondered if it's in her memory still,
And maybe her heart still yearns,
To walk again to yonder hill,
Where the memory of love still burns.


Maybe in this life I'll never know,
For we drifted...

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Internet Plagiarism!


It is easier to copy work than come up with your own, especially when you are a student doing a research paper that is due in one day. "Geez! I can't write a paper in one day!" Well, if Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in one night, then surely a student can write a paper about something.

Although it isn't against a state or federal law to plagiarize, (unless it is copyrighted) it is against every schools' code of ethics. A student found to...

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Tech stocks are volatile. It doesn't take a financial analyst to tell you that. Wall Street is on a giant rollercoaster ride that won't stop or level out. In a volatile market computer manufactures are hoping that one day they can get back to business instead of worrying whether or not they have a business to work at.

But one company has set themselves up for a rough road ahead, and has been prepared since the 2000 tech bubble burst. Apple's financial stability and worst case senario...

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Queen Cassiopeia


The summer W is located in the northeastern night sky. The wide W-shaped star pattern is the constellation Cassiopeia, the Queen.

Cassiopeia is one of those constellations that can be seen all year long because she circles the North Star. The W shape slowly transforms into an M shape by the time winter arrives and returns as a W each summer. To locate the queen, find the Big Dipper and look to the dipper's right.

Some of the brightest parts of the Milky Way run through...

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1 can Fiesta Nacho cheese soup

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can enchilada sauce (either mild or 'HOT' depending on taste)

1 can Hormel boneless chicken

Half & Half, cream, or milk

Crushed tortilla chips

Grated Colby, cheddar, or co-jack cheese


Mix first four ingredients together and cook over low heat in a Dutch oven or crock-pot. Use Half & Half, cream, or milk to thin soup to desired consistency. Serve by topping soup with crushed...

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photo by Ray McCune Assistant Scoutmaster Walt Pressler teaching orienteering to Troup #44 at the Scout Cabin.

Summer is here and Scouting activities are in full swing. Boys are attending summer camp at Camp Chief Little Turtle. I can hear their shouts of excitement clear down here in Waynedale. I can't wait to get up there next week and visit Troop 38 and take some pictures. I try to do this every year with the troops that I'm working with. Jerry Lloyd, Scoutmaster for Troop 38, said that Nick Turpchinoff will be SPL for Summer Camp this year. If things go according to plan, Nick will be Troop...

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