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Jupiter, Saturn and Mars Span January Evenings


Three planets are currently above the horizon in the early evening sky about an hour after sunset. Jupiter, Saturn and Mars span the sky for the remainder of January and the moon can assist the casual stargazer in locating each planet.

The eastern sky sparkles with brilliant winter stars, but the planet Jupiter absolutely dominates the scene. The giant planet is presently outshining Sirius, which is usually the brightest nighttime star at this...


Find and Replace


Perhaps one of the least mentioned features of any word processor is the find and replace command. Some users breeze right by the function without even thinking of using it.

With the changes in the area code in the Waynedale area this feature can come in quite handy. As we all know the area code in this area is changing from 219 to 260. If you have an address book, on your computer, you might have some trouble with clicking and retyping the area code for each entry.





A small six sided, lacy friend that only shows its face,
When humidity, high temperature and low clouds are in place.


You have to look each time it snows to see if it's just right,
And if it is you're really blessed to witness such a sight.


For each wee flake is so unique; no two of them the same.
Were it possible to capture one you could grace it with a name.


Yet they're only here just long enough to make you ooh and awe,
And wonder; is it possible you saw just...


Betsy, Justin and Buddy with her pups



Let me start right out admitting that I am not a dog lover. I was once. I had a beloved mutt named Lassie when I was growing up on Old Trail Road. She got distemper and was destroyed by a gunshot in our garage. I never loved another dog. Until now.

My daughter, Betsy, a neonatal nurse, got "Buddy" as a puppy. Not because it was her idea but was her husband's idea. She complained aplenty! They have four children. Adding a dog was not her idea of what she needed in her...


This was sent to us by Rodney Scott, Democratic Candidate for the Indiana 3rd. District and it was written by a Dr. Rudy Kachmann.


1 Treat others as you would like to be treated.

2 Be honest; do not lie, cheat or steal – make your word your bond.

3 Treat life with care; avoid risky behaviors.

4 Practice showing respect for authority; parents, teachers, police and government.

5 Do not let physical or mental abuse go unnoticed.

6 Read a book –...


Dear Cousin,


The last days of December slowly unwind in the hills, wrapping up the old year in a package of sunshine and brilliant blue skies. For the last few days, the weatherman has called for snow flurries, and although the air is frigid, the sun continues to shine. Battered and limping, with a year's burden of unfulfilled hopes and dreams on his back, he is clearing the stage for the brand new year to make his debut. I have always wondered why the New Year didn't begin with the...


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