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Spring Moon Points to Planets


Four planets will form a gigantic diagonal line across the sky after sunset in March. Locate the planets this month and then take note how they will seem to move closer in relation to each other. The moon will help point out the planets to the casual stargazer. During March, advance preparations are being made for a splendid meeting of five planets occurring in late April and early May.

On Monday, March 18, the moon sits 10 degrees (a fist wide) to the upper...

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I wrote about beautiful Cave Hill in a column several weeks ago, and since that time, have been deluged with inquires wanting to know more about the cemetery. I went out again, which is always a pleasure and one of new discovery. One can never go often enough, nor see all there is to see.

Cave Hill Cemetery has been Louisville's foremost burying ground since 1848. Nearly 300 acres are set aside in perpetuity to ensure the sanctity of the magnificently...

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Dear Cousin,


To be the shortest month of the year, February seems to drag on the longest. It is sort of an in-between month, trailing along behind winter and yet not looking toward spring. It can be vicious and sneaky, with unexpected snowstorms and biting, cruel winds. Sometimes it drops a mild, sunny day to us, and then follows it with a bitterly cold one dripping with icicles.

It has always seemed the dreariest month of all. After the snow-covered landscape has melted, it reveals dingy...

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(above) Set design for opening and closing acts. (right) Set design for opening of second act, from interprretation chamber.

The Elmhurst High School Theatre Department is inviting you to its annual Spring musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. This production marks a debut performance by any Fort Wayne Community School high school.

Directed by Kirby Volz and set designs by Donald Goss, this story is a familiar one made popular by Donny Osmond. Joseph is his father's favorite and rejected by his brothers. He is dumped in a pit by his brothers to die. The father is told that his favorite son is dead...

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Definition of a GEEK

By Moira Stone from the Indiana Daily Student


Geeks are the most manageable, romantic, responsible and handy type of person available. He is kind, thoughtful and imaginative, he's also been know to wire stereos, fix computers and write bad love poetry.

The geek is not to be confused by "the saved by the Bell" Screech. A geek is a person who is a computer expert, feels at home with all things technical and can type faster than any human being you've ever seen. A geek's...

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Faith and begorra 'tis shamrock time agin 'en there's nuthin' mor nurishin' then a bowl uv me Mither's Irish stew. Ok so that's a hillbilly version of the way my ancestors talked but then trying to spell it like it sounds might be the only way to do it.




1 lb. lean, boneless lamb cut into 1-inch cubes

2 cups beef bouillon 1/4 tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. Pepper 1 bay leaf

3 medium to large potatoes (peel and cut into 1-inch cubes)

2 medium to large onions (peel and cut into...

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