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Kick back and relax, you deserve it! All of the stories in this section are unique, original entertainment by our local Waynedale, (Fort Wayne) Indiana columnists, created just especially for you. Our columnists love to hear from their dedicated readers, view our columnist's biographies and e-mail them here.



We got lost in the Hoosier National Forest. Should have listened to the crows who warned "Be Careful." When we realized we had lost our way, it was not long until Jane saw a red-tailed hawk circling in the sky. When he was out of sight, she said, "We must go this way." I had thoughts of doubt about the whole thing. How did Jane know that red-tailed hawk was showing her the direction we were to travel? Why not me? After all, I'm the Indian! This day was to be a test...




Each and every day – duty to God – duty to country – service to others.


In recent times, the Boy Scouts of America has been criticized as being out of step with contemporary society. Yet when America comes under attack, our society instantly turns to the very values that the Boy Scouts of America have taught, and defended, for nearly 100 years. When America truly unites, the Boy Scouts of America truly represents...


Dear Cousin,


The moon has been neatly sliced in two, and one half is standing suspended on its very tip. There is a hazy ring around it that speaks of rain in the offing. Our splendid autumn weather is undergoing a drastic change.

The wind is picking up, sending dry leaves skittering across the road and piling them up in ruffled brown heaps against the fence. Many of the trees stand naked and bare, and only a handful of yellow leaves flutter in the top of the maple tree in the yard. Soon...




The setting sun's last fading light,
Was hidden by a lowering cloud.
The sky was black, as was the night,
The pelting rain was beating loud.


"Ah, wintertime can be so bleak,"
I cried aloud to anyone.
"It leaves you breathless, cold, and weak,
And wintertime has just begun.


But when the sun again arose,
There, gleaming, was a snow-clad tree.
A scene no artist could compose,
Was suddenly revealed to me.


The trees were blazingly aflame,
And sparkled with a brilliant hue.


Holiday Shopping Guide


The holiday season is around the corner, and it's time to try and find something for that 'geek' in the family. A Geek is a techno wizard who is comfortable with all things electronic.

The perfect gift is one that he or she can use to amaze other people. Like a digital camera, that when they use it, other people say that's a cool camera. Think of the new digital gift like a new toy for Christmas that they will show all their friends on Christmas day.

Now. many...


The Leonids are Coming


Historically, the Leonid meteor storms have produced some awesome displays. A few of the world's top meteor experts have predicted that on the early morning of November 18, 2001, stargazers might be able to see the most dramatic Leonid meteor storm since 1966.

You may begin watching on Saturday night, November 17, but do most of your observing from midnight to dawn Sunday morning. Data is indicating a possible storm outburst in the dawn hours of Sunday morning. The...


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