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Definition of a GEEK

By Moira Stone from the Indiana Daily Student


Geeks are the most manageable, romantic, responsible and handy type of person available. He is kind, thoughtful and imaginative, he's also been know to wire stereos, fix computers and write bad love poetry.

The geek is not to be confused by "the saved by the Bell" Screech. A geek is a person who is a computer expert, feels at home with all things technical and can type faster than any human being you've ever seen. A geek's...

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Faith and begorra 'tis shamrock time agin 'en there's nuthin' mor nurishin' then a bowl uv me Mither's Irish stew. Ok so that's a hillbilly version of the way my ancestors talked but then trying to spell it like it sounds might be the only way to do it.




1 lb. lean, boneless lamb cut into 1-inch cubes

2 cups beef bouillon 1/4 tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. Pepper 1 bay leaf

3 medium to large potatoes (peel and cut into 1-inch cubes)

2 medium to large onions (peel and cut into...

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St. Patrick's Day,
What does it mean?
Drinking beer,
And wearing green?


Get togethers,
Dinners and such?
Giggles and laughs,
Indulging too much?


Walks of all kinds,
Celebrate it's meaning,
And all we find.


Dancing, singing,
To all our beliefs,
Waving flags,
And clover leafs.


St. Patrick's Day,
What does it mean?
Red, white, and blue,
And wearing green.

Raymond Andrew McCune - Cub Scout Pack 3025’s newest member preparing to enjoy his meal at the Pack’s Blue & Gold Banquet.)


Note: Attention all Cub Scout units! Bring us the results of your Pinewood Derby races. Let us know the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of your derby. Who your sponsor is, What your pack number is, Who your winners are, How many are in your pack and how many entered, When your derby was held, and where. What are the names of your leaders? Bring pictures if you have them.



Boy Scout Troop 44 is in need of a 'gear'...

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Hello Pool players here are 4 Players from our Playfair League and a little bit about them.

Here is Jim McCullough studying the table, looks like he has a tough decision ahead of him. Jim plays Tuesday and Wednesday night out at Mickey and Billy's in Southtown Mall. You want to gamble with Jim he will play anytime, anywhere with anybody.

Above, we have Al Wasvick taking dead aim on a shot. Al's team finished 9th thru 12th two years in a row out in Las Vegas and his team finished 1st place two...

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Come together meeting/workday – Saturday, March 16, 2002. Bring your latest project and a dish to share at mealtime. Share your skills and make friends too. Call Mark Stuerzenberger at 623-6023 evenings.

"I feel there is a need to have a Native American community that is organized to preserve traditions, as well as support each other. So, I'm trying to gather the community together and form an Intertribal group. I'll have a meeting of interested people at my...

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