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Congratulations to Alan Moloney. He placed in the Top 10 at Mickey & Billy's Midwest Classic 9 Ball Tournament on October 21st and 22nd. This tournament paid out over $15,000 in prize money. In August and September, Alan also won 2-eight ball tournaments in a row.

Also congratulations is in order for Kevin Briner. Kevin won the last eight ball tournament in October stopping Alan from winning 3 in a row. This tournament is the first Saturday of every month and the starting time is 5pm. It is a...


No, Dr. Tom Hayhurst is the guy on the left!  That’s ICY from the Komets in the middle. Tom’s grandson, Christopher and his daughter, Anne.

I thought it would be great for our readers to learn about our councilman, Dr. Tom Hayhurst. We have his column in The Waynedale News and are kept well informed about our city government and in particular, the items that affect our area. He really means it when he invites people to call him with their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions.

Dr. Hayhurst is a Pulmonary Specialist with the Indiana Medical Associates at the Lutheran Office Building. His practice consumes 50-60 hours each week plus...




We have always respected our Mother Earth.
We seek the wisdom of our elders - we pray
to Almighty God, our Grandfather of spiritual
ways. We believe He send His Son to show us all
how to perceive and to believe. We are all a
little different, so we need not do each and
every thing the same way. We need only
believe the words of God. His wisdom and love
will guide us each and every day.

(Left) Scouts, Scouters and parents from Troop 38 sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church, Waynedale showing off their new tents at the Council Camporee at The Kruse Auction Park in Auburn,  October 5-7, 2001.


Boy Scout Troop 44 (which meets on Monday nights at 7pm, at the Boy Scout Cabin located at the corner of Lower Huntington Road and Ardmore Avenue) is on the mend. They have been recruiting leaders and as of last meeting night they have seven more leaders signed up and are now recruiting boys to fill their ranks.

Are you a former member or leader of Troop 44? Come join Portage Creek Camp Association, the chartered organization that sponsors Troop...


I prepared this on a recent hunting trip. I think that Smoked Sausage could be used but I prefer Keilbossa. This is the recipe I used to feed some hungry hunters but I also served other food so prepare amount accordingly.




4 large potatoes (sliced 1/4 inch slices)

1 large onion (sliced 1/8 inch slices)

1 lb. package Keilbossa (sliced 1//4 inch slices)

1 tbsp. Bacon grease

salt and pepper to taste

#10 cast iron skillet

* Put grease in warm...


The Lamplighters Home Ec Club recently attended the Arena Theater to celebrate their club’s 50th year anniversary.

It was the Elmhurst Better Home Club that saw the need for an evening club so new members met at the home of Mrs. Edward Moering on August 14, 1951. Plans were made for the club. The name "Lamplighters" was adopted and the following officers were elected: President-Mrs. V. P. Uron, Vice President-Mrs. Eloise Zion, Secretary-Mrs. Elmer Lankenau, Treasurer-Mrs. Ray Ensley, and Reporter-Mrs. Lynn Eickhoff. By October their program was "the ability to make toys at home with materials on hand". It...


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